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Name: my ref board # 19



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Created by: fakevin (@fakevin)

Tags of content: animation, character, cartoon, animal, mammal, bear, humor, love, eyes, night, starry sky, cute, funny, soft, ambient, magical, closeup, frontal, no humans, open mouth, solo, green eyes, meme, what, realistic, star \(sky\), parody, sky, portrait, male focus, 1boy, space, blue background, dog, smiling, happy, outdoors, nature, green background, ontent: cartoon, happy people: n/aenvironment: outdoors, green backgroundlighting: bright, natural, soft perspective: closeup keywords: dog, smile, bright, n/a, teeth, sunglasses, flower, plant, dirt, mud, pot, garden, outdoor, sad, dirty, daylight, eye level, food, holding, black eyes, looking at viewer, eating, holding food, bowl, tree, day, cgi, corn, indoors, surreal, indoor lighting, close up, forest, woods, sadness, emotion, naturepeople: environment: forest, woodslighting: soft, naturalperspective: closeupcontent: a cartoon bear with a sad expression, closed mouth, pokemon \(creature\), animal focus, upper body, frown, animated movie, apple, snack, natural light, none, eyelevel, hamster, blurry, 3d animation, soft light, grass, blurry background, snow

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Created at: 2023-12-02T07:21:04.913Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:31.639Z

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