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Created by: gracecanart (@gracetse)

Tags of content: food, drinks, takeout, acai bowls, restaurant, interior, acai bowl, oak berry, fruit, healthy, dessert, snack, smoothie, woman, counter, bright, indoor, eye level, indoors, 1girl, skirt, black shirt, shirt, strawberry, solo, brown skirt, black hair, blueberry, sink, standing, photorealistic, cup, holding, reflection, food: noodles, broth, meatballs, vegetables, tofu, milk tea utensils: chopsticks, spoons, bowls, asian cuisine noodles restaurant family meal food photography, indoor lighting, slightly dim, two people, one adult and one child, topdown view, bowl, glasses, 1boy, jacket, spoon, black jacket, chopsticks, realistic, holding spoon, long hair, noodles, white shirt, head out of frame, table, long sleeves, ramen, closed mouth, holding chopsticks, brown hair, leather jacket, drink, outdoor, canned coffee, black coffee, sushi, onigiri, convenience store, natural, top view, can, no humans, drink can, still life, beer can, soda can, milk tea bottles, tabletop setting, milk tea, lo chu, asian beverages, taiwanese drinks, boba tea, cafe, artificial, one person partially visible, one hand visible, eyelevel, jewelry, leather, necklace, bottle, jar, male focus, feathers, english text, meal, lunch, japanese food, bento box, tempura, children, natural light, kids, boy, girl, window blinds, plate, sitting, multiple boys, window, t-shirt, eating, print shirt, short hair, closed eyes, multiple girls, tray, short sleeves, shrimp, soy sauce, fish \(food\)

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Created at: 2023-12-10T05:08:38.082Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:40.480Z

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