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Name: fern 20231225



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Tags: frieren

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Tags of content: fern, frieren, character sheet, character design, anime, n/a, girl, character, model sheet, purple hair, winter, scarf, flat, female, front, side, rear, 1girl, purple eyes, multiple views, long hair, dress, reference sheet, full body, white background, black footwear, long sleeves, simple background, belt, boots, long dress, looking at viewer, blunt bangs, standing, blue dress, turnaround, hair ornament, straight hair, half updo, sidelocks, closed mouth, winter clothes, coat, fern (sousou no frieren), outdoor, anime girl, smile, floral, cute, sunny, day, 1, eye level, solo, petals, white dress, outdoors, upper body, frilled collar, purple pupils, black coat, robe, collar, hand, drinking, bun, woman, indoor, coffee, tea, mug, beverage, hot drink, relaxation, calm, enjoyment, portrait, soft, closeup, cup, closed eyes, brown hair, holding cup, holding, jewelry, necklace, realistic, single hair bun, hair bun, eyelashes, coffee mug, grey background, shirt

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Created at: 2023-12-26T04:37:55.351Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:41.316Z

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