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Name: himmel 20240106



Image in reference board: 8

Tags: frieren

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Tags of content: frieren, himmel, character sheet, 1boy, blue hair, male focus, multiple views, hand on own hip, cloak, smile, white background, standing, boots, uniform, black footwear, full body, simple background, pants, profile, looking at viewer, blue eyes, copyright name, reference sheet, short hair, grey eyes, cape, hooded cloak, side, screenshot, outdoor, sky, anime, flower, beautiful, homeland, daylight, man, side view, mole under eye, mole, solo, subtitled, english text, earrings, jewelry, parted lips, hood, portrait, blue sky, from side, male, head, face, hair, indoors, asian, male model, long hair, jacket, serious, contemplative, studio lighting, closeup, realistic, 1girl, black hair, shirt, closed eyes, grey background, lips, upper body, yellow shirt, collared shirt, green jacket, open clothes, nose, closed mouth, illustration, drawing, character, flower crown, crown, purple, manga, backlighting, close up, hair flower, blue flower, hair ornament, green hair, head wreath, close-up, purple flower, blurry, cartoon, anime boy, serene, bright, fake screenshot, hair between eyes, animation, field, bloom, blossom, spring, sunset, no humans, outdoors, flower field, white flower, petals, scenery, blurry background, depth of field, building, plant, ruin, medieval, cathedral, gothic, wildflower, summer, day, front, tree, arch, red flower, grass, orange flower, yellow flower, sword, white cape, anime aesthetic, pastoral, daylighting, weapon, sitting, white pants, long sleeves, sheath

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Created at: 2024-01-07T00:39:01.018Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:41.882Z

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