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Name: wlop style girl flower garden portrait

Description: flower garden portrait with expression study


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Tags: green, flower, girl, garden, portrait

Created by: demoyc (@demoyc)

Tags of content: wlop, art, girl, twitter, drawing, illustration, fantasy, nighttime, outdoors, female, woman, beautiful, portrait, digital art, soft, diffused, closeup, 1girl, jewelry, solo, green eyes, necklace, ponytail, long hair, looking at viewer, black hair, earrings, upper body, bare shoulders, veil, armlet, breasts, strapless, red lips, hair ornament, parted lips, small breasts, blurry background, brown hair, env, foliage, plants, flower, studio, lily, yellow, bloom, blossom, stem, nature, flora, floral, flash, side view, no humans, still life, yellow flower, simple background, realistic, black background, plant, leaf, braids, character design, asian, warrior, princess, mystical, ethereal, natural, braid, closed mouth, artist name, lips, blue eyes, multiple braids, watermark, blurry, grey eyes, mole, head, faces, hair, expression, person, fashion, indoors, vogue, photoshoot, model, headband, studio lighting, young adult, black eyes, hanging planter, hanging plants, indoor plants, house plants, home decor, interior design, string of pearls plant, greenery, natural light, eye level, vines, scenery, ivy, overgrown, traditional media, brick, pot, garden, backyard, outdoor, tropical, banana leaf, lush, green, terracotta, daylight, sunny, potted plant, painting \(medium\), tree, day, indoor, style, sunglasses, yellow lens, beret, choker, silver necklace, beauty, hat, tinted eyewear, jacket, round eyewear, black choker, shirt, black headwear, yellow-tinted eyewear, black jacket, glasses, white shirt, grey background, brown eyes, blue flower, spring flower, wildflower, close up, twitter username

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Created at: 2024-02-24T22:01:49.418Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:42.995Z

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