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Name: reo


Hearts: 1

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Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Tags of content: drawing, anime, outdoor, anime girl, angry, fangs, rage, bright, 1 girl, closeup, 1girl, solo, smile, grin, green hair, mole, close-up, purple eyes, teeth, mole under eye, looking at viewer, facial mark, blue background, portrait, blush, action, fantasy, outdoors, urban, running, magic, natural, female, side view, ahoge, blonde hair, tail, sky, nude, blurry, horns, blurry background, day, cloud, monster girl, blue sky, from side, open mouth, full body, building, claws, animal ears, breasts, cat ears, cleavage, hair ornament, star hair ornament, closed mouth, star \(symbol\), collarbone, scar, cat girl, animal ear fluff, upper body, medium breasts, bare shoulders, short hair, subtitled, english text, large breasts, multicolored hair, parody, animal hands, falling, long hair, girl, sword, stars, fire, forest, game, explosion, sunny, eye level, fingerless gloves, letterboxed, side ponytail, gloves, yellow eyes, orange hair, hood, bomb, brown hair, v-shaped eyebrows, green headwear, weapon, hat, gun, no humans, night, gatling gun, rocket launcher, cosplay, anger vein, cat tail, navel, character, jumping, from behind, paw shoes, cat paws, very long hair, character portrait, n/a, pink hair, green eyes, yellow ribbon, black shirt, blue shirt, soft lighting, bust, facing front, left, and right, multiple views, shirt, fang, white background, simple background, collared shirt, ribbon, hair ribbon, skin fang, ponytail, :d, short eyebrows, :3, thick eyebrows, one side up, profile, character concept art, plain white background, manga, fashion, streetwear, tshirt, oversized, skirt, boots, character design, flat, evenly lit, front, side, three quarters, black footwear, long sleeves, hands on own hips, virtual youtuber, standing, oversized shirt, shorts, reference sheet, turnaround, copyright notice, cartoon, studio, black jacket, short skirt, black boots, posing, artificial, woman, standing on one leg, v, jacket, leg up, bow, blunt bangs

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Created at: 2024-03-23T13:00:36.884Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:33.102Z

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