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Name: Tarlon



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Created by: Rosanna (@rosannaquick)

Tags of content: necklace, jewelry, moonstone, crystal, gemstone, fashion, accessory, indoor, top, no humans, still life, brown background, flower, key, simple background, earring, natural lighting, yes, close up, photorealistic, realistic, close-up, fingernails, hand focus, 1other, 1girl, blurry, solo, hands, yarn, textile, dye, indigo, outdoors, ground, natural, indigo dye, natural dye, textile art, handmade, craft, fiber art, daylight, 1 person, first person, blue gloves, gloves, traditional media, painting \(medium\), out of frame, ambiguous gender, corridor, hallway, statues, sculptures, architecture, marble, arches, checkered floor, interior, palace, museum, versailles, france, art, history, elegance, luxury, tourism, travel, culture, baroque, neoclassical, bright, indirect, none, onepoint perspective, statue, pillar, column, indoors, clothing, garment, retail store, cape, fringe, beaded, pearls, tassels, white, ivory, style, elegant, chic, trendy, artificial, eye level, windows, opulent, symmetrical, stone, grandeur, natural light, chandelier, 1, one point perspective, scenery, window, church, arch, cage, silver, rectangle, hammered, long, dangle, studio lighting, front, snow, grey background, long hair, hair over one eye, blonde hair, looking at viewer, lips, upper body, blue eyes, blurry background, shirt, nose, closed mouth, jewellery, beads, jewelry making, crystal beads, blue beads, shadow, white background, watermark, blue theme, food focus, gem, artist name, woman, dress, studio, model, linen, maxi dress, photoshoot, front view, robe, standing, barefoot, breasts, tassel, bird, scarf, animal, lying, hairstyle, blonde, wavy hair, beach waves, beauty, hair goals, hair inspiration, soft, side view, closed eyes, cleavage, strap slip, profile, hair over eyes, medium breasts, dark skin, decoration, star, patch, applique, sewing, monochrome, greyscale, jet, fighter jet, military vehicle, aircraft, vehicle focus, airplane, black background, military, science fiction, spacecraft, photograph, gold, dainty, minimalist, bohemian, ring, chain, velvet dress, wrap dress, formal dress, long dress, evening dress, brown hair, hand on own hip, curly hair, smile, black dress, full body, head tilt, short sleeves, earrings, teardrop, metal, accessories, artisan, unique, stylish, modern, gift, top view, water, bug, road, from above, hand, rings, male focus, multiple rings, 1boy, hairy, bracelet, arm hair, chest hair, thread, blue, texture, fiber, material, knitting, crochet, macro, abstract, long sleeve dress, bridesmaid dress, full shot, black hair, anklet, looking to the side, skirt hold, long sleeves, hall, interior design, building, gothic, symmetry, ceiling, vault, low angle view, day, pendant, closeup, holding, arm, bracelets, silver bracelet, hammered metal, women, bottle, fabric, gradient, pattern, color, shades, design, swatch, sample, jewel, sapphire, blue sapphire, marquise cut, precious stone, embroidery, shooting star, needlework, top down, star \(symbol\), english text, web address, star \(sky\), bib necklace, vintage, mannequin, boho, statement piece, cream, lace, summer, festival, barcode, tattoo, top hat, hat, from behind, bottomless, body writing, crop top, barcode tattoo, furniture, sculpture, royal, throne, room, classical, dome, columns, sunlight, ambient, no, couch, sky, cathedral, basilica, monumental, grand, majestic, ornate, gray, central, larimar, sterling silver, infinity symbol, crystal healing, metaphysical, thighs, grass, no people, night, night sky, starry sky, balcony, nature, tree, urban, historical, daytime, sunny, bare tree, city, velvet, blue dress, short hair, hand up, black footwear, hammered bracelet, side, ice, portrait, straight hair, layered hair, ombre hair, denim, jeans, pants, depth of field, from side, trillion cut, topdown, transparent background, diamond \(gemstone\), platinum blonde, side part, white hair, grey eyes, sweater, parted lips, outdoor, mansion, pool, estate, courtyard, waterfront, bridge, cloud, blue sky, reflection, plant, river, reflective water, stars, romantic, rose, red lips, head out of frame, red flower, lipstick, red rose, makeup, hair flower, hair ornament, metallic, flowing, dangling, handcrafted, jewelry design, rope, noose, chandelier earrings, fashion accessories, dangle earrings, gradient background, used condom, condom, butt plug, image, palette, coolors, text focus, blue background, cover, stairs, castle, eyelevel, grand hall, wealth, european, staircase, table, chair, tile floor, cup, photo, iridescent, shimmer, spiritual, healing, energy, food, abbey, cloisters, linen dress, elegant dress, hair bun, wooden floor, single hair bun, mineral, facet, violet, topdown view, copyright name, blue gemstone, diffused, hair, salon, indoor lighting, rear view, mirror, facing away, looking at mirror, blue fabric, gold stars, star pattern, shooting stars, bird's eye view, beach, ocean, sand, beachwear, summer fashion, white dress, hammered silver necklace, choker, statement jewelry, artificial light, collarbone, black shirt, findings, white beads, seed beads, gold findings, gold cones, earring supplies, tassel supplies, diy earrings, handmade jewelry

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Created at: 2024-04-01T04:20:30.531Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:43.297Z

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