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Name: my hazbin character



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Created by: huskerdust (@cosmicartist)

Tags of content: eyes, clothes, hair, body, color pallete, skin patterns, sketch, drawing, n/a, anatomy, pose, reference, tutorial, art, artist, guide, how to draw, anime, manga, character design, man, woman, front view, white background, simple background, standing, heart, monochrome, full body, bodysuit, 1boy, looking at viewer, indoor, fashion, design, illustration, style, croquis, indoor lighting, girl, female, solo, 1girl, hand on own hip, greyscale, helmet, cartoon, character, figure, skin condition, vitiligo, none, avatar, chibi, customizable, template, base, edit, gacha, soft, frontfacing, blush, nude, transparent background, male focus, bodypaint, arms at sides, color palette, color swatch, color chart, no humans, black background, english text, food, dango, color guide, wings, multiple wings, grey background, head wings, feathered wings, outfit, clothing, streetwear, overalls, top, pants, shorts, turtleneck, star, flower, moon, aesthetic, front, thighhighs, high-waist shorts, star print, black shorts, long sleeves, suspenders, star \(symbol\), puffy long sleeves, floral print, variations, puffy sleeves, suspender shorts, sweater, black shirt, shirt, arm up, sleeves past wrists, short shorts, shoulder cutout, headless, black thighhighs, crop top, text, website screenshot, personality test, indoors, owl, personality, strength, relationship, career, introvert, observant, solitary, loyal, wisdom, artificial, multiple boys, fake screenshot, facial hair, hat, beard, 2boys, lineart, long hair, sitting, leaning forward, smiling, slight low angle, breasts, boots, smile, ribbed sweater, choker, dress, large breasts, closed mouth, sweater dress, hair between eyes, none (sketch), anime boy, hairstyle, step by step, drawing guide, not applicable (sketch), anime character, side profile, ponytail, faceless, multiple views, pink eyes, faceless male, feathers, bird, wing, feather, animal, nature, fly, side view, arrow \(symbol\), :3, closed eyes, animal focus, eye drawing, anime eyes, manga eyes, drawing reference, how to draw eyes, eye tutorial, slit pupils, eye focus, 6+girls, makeup, eyeliner, eyeshadow, facial mark, tsurime, multiple girls, mouth, lips, open, happy, open mouth, how to, tongue, human anatomy, symbol-shaped pupils, thick eyebrows, orange eyes, red eyes, eyelashes, cross-shaped pupils, sparkle, orange hair, symbol, crown, wrath, deadly sin, seven deadly sins, dragon, wheat, emblem, logo, red theme, cute, trendy, pastel, blue, clouds, smiley, blue shirt, brown pants, pocket, collared shirt, border, leaf, sleeves past fingers, cloud, brown shorts, breast pocket, white border, outfits, blueberry, cardigan, skirt, jeans, halter top, off shoulder, fashion design, midriff, cropped legs, navel, jacket, bare shoulders, blue dress, white skirt, denim, open clothes, clothing cutout, underwear, blue sweater, buttons, short sleeves, panties, sleeveless, highleg, artist name, white pants, puffy short sleeves

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Created at: 2024-04-05T16:40:42.087Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:43.588Z

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