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Name: yuki x itsuomi 20240414


Hearts: 1

Image in reference board: 8

Tags: yubisaki no renren

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Tags of content: yubisaki no renren, itsuomi, man, anime, indoors, home, white hair, blue eyes, anime boy, thoughtful expression, soft lighting, soft, natural, 1, closeup, 1boy, male focus, solo, grey hair, parted lips, looking at viewer, couch, blurry, shirt, blurry background, grey shirt, hair between eyes, portrait, short hair, close-up, depth of field, yuki, drawing, outdoor, love, blush, couple, romance, daylight, 1 male, 1 female, 1girl, looking at another, eye contact, hetero, earphones, red hair, outdoors, pink hair, pink eyes, long hair, day, imminent kiss, hug, garden, male, purple shirt, finger on chin, smiling, sunny, bright, flower, smile, closed mouth, hand up, index finger raised, collared shirt, purple flower, sky, character, nature, flowers, wisteria, beauty, spring, daytime, woman, girl, side view, white shirt, upper body, looking up, half updo, profile, photo background, redum, lighting, illustration, dark room, victorian, gothic, mysterious, vintage, fantasy, mirror, reflection, lantern, fireflies, candles, brown hair, jacket, scarf, gaze, stare, candlelight, warm, ambient, dramatic, holding, logo, candle, dress, copyright name, orange hair, gloves, long sleeves, light particles, dark background, dark, night, solo focus, jar, cowboy shot, fire, fairy, curly hair, puffy long sleeves, grin, brown eyes, puffy sleeves, standing, sidelighting, holding lantern, candlestand, indoor, boy, three people, close up, multiple girls, 2girls, jewelry, earrings, full-face blush, pink background, multicolored hair, blue hair, hands on own face, yellow shirt, ear blush, pink shirt, kissing, black hair, cup, kiss, drinking glass, hand on another's neck, window, dark skin, pants, black pants, table, from side, city lights, night sky, sitting, closed eyes, art, twitter, fireworks, sparkler, celebration, movement, light trails, long exposure, artificial light, eye level, skirt, scenery, short sleeves, open mouth, school uniform, light, black skirt, city, shoes, signature

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Created at: 2024-04-15T03:52:15.570Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:46.940Z

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