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Name: Sun and moon painting



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Created by: DuckBread (@duckbread0v0)

Tags of content: statue, indoors, museum, ancient greece, hera, goddess, marble, sculpture, artificial, indoor, woman, eye level, solo, 1girl, dress, blue background, standing, full body, crown, shadow, long hair, simple background, looking at viewer, portrait, costume, cosplay, historical, lace, white dress, braid, smile, historical costume, reenactment, female, eyelevel, jewelry, realistic, bracelet, veil, necklace, asian, brown hair, curtains, upper body, grin, hand on own chest, teeth, brown eyes, painting, mythology, forest, nighttime, moon, love, sleep, mortal, greek mythology, moonlight, chiaroscuro, endymion, selene (luna), closeup, fine art parody, faux traditional media, barefoot, parody, closed eyes, shawl, 1boy, lying, moths, stars, night sky, art nouveau, tarot card, outdoors, night, feminine, mystery, intuition, dreams, subconscious, cycles, frontal, blonde hair, tarot \(medium\), crescent moon, flower, tarot, hair flower, crescent, hair ornament, strapless dress, bare shoulders, strapless, bug, dog, arrow, tree, diana, roman, huntress, hound, arrow \(projectile\), quiver, bow \(weapon\), weapon, head rest, drawing, sun, solar, deity, yellow, orange, blue, mythological, side view, breasts, bodysuit, symbolism, art, artemis, soft, natural, black hair, japanese clothes, male focus, crescent hair ornament, person, headdress, gold, headpiece, fashion, accessory, style, beauty, model, photoshoot, studio, elegant, glamorous, unique, handmade, design, craftsmanship, studio lighting, front view, no humans, black background, tassel, white skin, greek, selene, front, monochrome, holding, see-through, robe, short hair, underwear, panties, archery, nature, romantic, red hair, lips, bow and arrow, river, wilderness, outdoor, holding weapon, holding bow \(weapon\), celestial, ethereal, blonde, hair, natural light, photorealistic, looking to the side, illustration, figure, universe, golden, backlit, ambient light, divine light, 1 person, adult, sunburst, black skin, colored skin, halo, covered face, white robe, orange background, artist name, muscular male, mannequin head, grey background, nude, facing viewer, very long hair, sitting, sketch, ancient rome, history, greyscale, hand up, closed mouth, white background, traditional media, shorts, shirt, denim, denim shorts, white shirt, looking at another, t-shirt, black shirt, short shorts, short sleeves, chair, stool, fantasy, mythical, horns, goblet, fake horns, hat, horned helmet, women, toga, white, 2, earrings, armor, armlet, abstract, lines, color, shape, door, interior, ornate, archway, regal, powerful, dramatic, low angle, arms up, people, portraits, ancient greek, hairstyles, headwear, culture, soft light, 9, profile, multiple views, dark skin, hair bun, collarbone, headband, dark-skinned female, from side, digital art, color palette, palette, teal, autumn, fall, inspiration, graphic design, english text, text focus, human, male, anatomy, duality, light and dark, good and evil, 1, dated, nipples, border, drapery, staff, pregnant, holding staff, instagram username, makeup, runway, two women, mole, photo inset, multiple girls, 2girls, red lips, reference inset, mole under eye, yellow dress

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Created at: 2024-04-23T14:32:26.992Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:47.226Z

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