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Created by: AESPHILIA (@jellyfish_fossil)

Tags of content: impasto, 검넴, black hair, man, book cover, urban, korean, novel, thriller, suspense, dark, artificial, dramatic, young man, closeup, 1boy, male focus, gloves, blood, black gloves, shirt, solo, black shirt, collared shirt, closed eyes, short hair, teeth, upper body, cover, copyright name, long sleeves, biting, blood on face, jacket, cover page, blood from mouth, korean text, facing viewer, artist name, crack, necktie, eyes, red eye, purple eye, 石据カチル, illustration, digital art, n/a, red eyes, purple eyes, anime, manga, art, drawing, painting, soft lighting, men, close up, blonde hair, multiple boys, white hair, red hair, eye focus, looking at viewer, eyepatch, close-up, multiple girls, eyelashes, one eye covered, white border, multicolored hair, border, colored eyelashes, grey hair, うり, portrait, unknown, anime boy black hair red eyes piercings smoking leather jacket dark aesthetic, artificial dramatic, man anime character, jewelry, earrings, ring, cigarette, holding cigarette, holding, black nails, piercing, simple background, parted lips, ear piercing, smoke, smoking, black jacket, multiple rings, hair between eyes, nail polish, bandages, fingernails, white shirt, zipper, blue background, heart, blue eyes, smile, auko, sample watermark, glasses, collar, grey eyes, watermark, choker, chain, necklace, chain necklace, tongue out, tongue, lip piercing, closed mouth, open mouth, 4boys, 3boys, neck tattoo, black choker, grey background, english text, bishounen, parted bangs, tattoo, cross, hand up, one eye closed, rain, night, street, anime boy, sad, heartbroken, crying, wet, emotional, city, loneliness, black clothing, dim, ambient, 1, blurry background, blurry, black eyes, outdoors, wet hair, hand on own head, twitter username, wet clothes, arm up, depth of field

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Created at: 2024-05-03T14:41:39.232Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:49.729Z

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