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Name: yinlin 20240607



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Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Tags of content: drawing, illustration, portrait, anime, manga, character, indoors, studio background, red hair, ponytail, red eyes, smirk, black outfit, flower, earring, soft lighting, 1 person, woman, girl, fictional character, closeup, eye level, 1girl, solo, purple eyes, long hair, smile, looking at viewer, hair ornament, jewelry, earrings, hairband, black hairband, high ponytail, white background, simple background, hair between eyes, transparent background, mole under eye, parted lips, chinese clothes, mole, text, dark, fantasy, video game, artificial, yinlin, eyelevel, breasts, very long hair, dress, black dress, bare shoulders, cleavage, gloves, large breasts, character name, english text, clothing cutout, cleavage cutout, china dress, 1 girl, 1 creature, space, wuthering waves, muwabattle, battle rush, game, spotlight, creature, copyright name, black hair, thighs, 2girls, multiple girls, blue eyes, claw \(weapon\), thigh strap, fashion, stairs, indoor, staircase, model, style, beauty, elegant, warm, young woman, realistic, jacket on shoulders, jacket, medium breasts, white dress, railing, action, battle, surreal, night sky, snowy landscape, honkai impact 3rd, raiden mei, yae sakura, dramatic, glowing, neon, volumetric lighting, 2 female anime characters, low angle, sitting, elbow gloves, bare legs, high heels, legs, holding, black gloves, mechanical arms, crossed legs, puppet strings, sky, female, full body, studio, genshin impact, videogame, yae miko, kitsune, soft light, 1, black footwear, side slit, standing, hair stick, claws

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Created at: 2024-06-07T20:17:34.402Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:52.571Z

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