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Name: huion dreamer contest



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Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

Tags of content: sculpture, statue, knight, armor, sword, staff, crystal, fantasy, miniature, studio, diorama, artificial, threepoint lighting, 2, eyelevel, shoulder armor, holding, pauldrons, helmet, red cape, weapon, standing, multiple boys, cape, full armor, breastplate, holding weapon, gauntlets, gradient background, helm, grey background, glowing, robe, greaves, holding staff, multiple others, red robe, polearm, art, twitter, illustration, winter, mountains, snow, sky, outdoor, daytime, mountain top, anime, fate/grand order, fate series, mashu kyrielight, fujimaru ritsuka (male), da vinci (fate), holmes (fate), natural lighting, sunlight, shadows, 4 people, worm's eye view, 2girls, outdoors, multiple girls, long hair, red hair, 2boys, elf, scarf, day, black pants, coat, pointy ears, long sleeves, purple hair, pants, red coat, short hair, winter clothes, blue sky, boots, walking, dress, cloud, very long hair, blonde hair, white hair, skirt, red jacket, white dress, arms up, grey hair, green hair, brown footwear, jacket, black footwear, black coat, reflection, straight hair, profile, twintails, sun, grass, from side, scenery, black skirt, nature, arms behind head, stark (sousou no frieren), character design sheet, indoors, one piece, manga, roronoa zoro, swordsman, kimono, soft lighting, zoro, front, side profile, closeup, 1boy, male focus, scar across eye, scar, topknot, japanese clothes, sandals, multiple views, one eye closed, smile, open mouth, earrings, character name, jewelry, katana, pectorals, full body, scar on face, green coat, hand on own hip, scar on chest, pectoral cleavage, green kimono, single earring, white kimono, looking at viewer, sash, sheathed, sideburns, reference sheet, animal, mammal, horse, yak, mount, creature, side view, no humans, horns, transparent background, bag, simple background, animal focus, solo, saddle, white background, character, stone, league of legends, pantheon, video game character, armored, dim, warm, aerial view, flower, drawing, digital art, pokemon, battle, action, clouds, reshiram, pokemon black and white, legendary pokemon, dragon type, fire type, flying type, dramatic lighting, low angle, pokemon \(creature\), flying, size difference, riding, cloudy sky, riding pokemon, 1girl, red eyes, wings, giant, hat, fog, girl, woman, artwork, game, mountain, genshin impact, beidou, amber, fischl, withering waves, daylight, 3, wide angle, 3girls, gloves, breasts, navel, black hair, cleavage, bare shoulders, copyright name, red gloves, orange hair, brown hair, brown eyes, black gloves, medium breasts, green eyes, orange eyes, dragon, monster, mythical, doubleheaded, lightning, magic, dramatic, spotlight, electricity, black background, claws, dragon wings, scales, multiple heads, family portrait, adventure, joy, mountain meadow, river, snowcapped mountains, flowers, family, love, journey, peace, serenity, togetherness, soft, diffused, natural light, family (father, mother, two children), field, mountainous horizon, flower field, long beard, white cloak, dwarf, holding hands, cloak, 3boys, yellow flower, pantyhose, capelet, animal ears, white capelet, closed eyes, beard, fur trim, purple flower, outstretched arm, blue hair, hooded cloak, child, frieren, [sketch, fanart], [forest, water], [anime girl, forest, water, blue, green, white, brown, sunlight], [soft light], [girl], [bird's eye view], blue dress, tree, short sleeves, border, barefoot, bow, closed mouth, celebration, party, anniversary, characters, garden, tea party, arknights, mobile game, gacha game, anniversary illustration, 5th anniversary, spring gathering, natural, women, girls, cake, food, white headwear, table, cup, teacup, 4girls, cake slice, hair flower, plate, saucer, rose, pink flower, braid, hair ornament, fork, hat flower, sitting, pink rose, blue eyes, copyright notice, holding saucer, blue flower, holding fork, puffy sleeves, frills, white flower, chair, feet out of frame, holding cup, blue rose, bush, sun hat, holding plate, frilled dress, fruit, red flower, hat bow, frilled sleeves, blue bow, blue ribbon, white gloves, single braid, white rose, puffy short sleeves, see-through sleeves, english text, strawberry, spoon, curly hair, long dress, twin braids, strawberry shortcake, ribbon, red rose, teapot, :d, logo, book, hair over shoulder, detached sleeves, white sleeves, hair bun, hair between eyes, hat ribbon, parted bangs, tilted headwear, purple eyes, puffy long sleeves, hairband, wavy hair, monument, wizard, digitally lit, slight up angle, hood, giant monster, trainers, stormy, dark, rocky, wasteland, mega rayquaza, storm, epic, backlighting, volumetric lighting, backpack, rain, ruins, character design, concept art, none, solid background, monkey d. luffy, wano country arc, samurai, character sheet, model sheet, expressions, anime art, manga art, flat, even lighting, luffy (one piece), slight low angle for full body shot, straighton for portraits, straw hat, unworn headwear, unworn hat, sheath, hat on back, black eyes, red kimono, ^_^, building, person, boat, ancient, overgrown, peaceful, serene, mystical, man, architecture, east asian architecture, from behind, rock, facing away, butterflies, sunny day, klee, diona, fanart, bright, 2 female, pink hair, white footwear, pink eyes, bird, knee boots, bowtie, green headwear, bug, choker, sleeveless, shirt, pink bow, socks, green dress, floating hair, butterfly, cross-laced footwear, holding flower, looking at another, pink bowtie, pink skirt, black choker, game cover art, promotional material, open world, castle, battlefield, sunset, elden ring, fromsoftware, video game, playstation, dark souls, golden hour, warrior, rider, thirdperson, over the shoulder, holding sword, ambiguous gender, 1other, fake horns, horned helmet

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Created at: 2024-06-18T18:33:07.632Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:55.833Z

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