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Name: AZKi



Image in reference board: 10


Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

Tags of content: drawing, anime, girl, angel, wings, indoors, simple background, anime girl, angel girl, white hair, purple eyes, blue dress, white wings, cute, innocent, soft aesthetic, soft lighting, 1 girl, low angle, 1girl, solo, looking at viewer, hair ornament, sitting, black footwear, flower, hair flower, feathered wings, closed mouth, white background, dress, blue eyes, shoes, white pantyhose, long hair, pantyhose, angel wings, blush, skirt, grey hair, blue skirt, thighhighs, hair rings, wariza, looking to the side, shirt, pink flower, smile, sketch, character design, outfit design, fashion design, concept art, pink hair, black hair, gradient hair, long dress, white dress, pink dress, detached sleeves, jacket, fashion, design, art, flat lighting, 1 female, front view, side view, back view, ¾ view, virtual youtuber, multicolored hair, colored inner hair, high-low skirt, sleeves past elbows, multiple views, reference sheet, boots, high heels, official alternate costume, gradient dress, grey dress, asymmetrical sleeves, full body, brown jacket, official alternate hairstyle, high heel boots, collared dress, half updo, hairclip, from behind, very long hair, streaked hair, short sleeves, white ascot, belt, bracelet, long sleeves, jewelry, turnaround, grey jacket, braid, double-parted bangs, hair intakes, short ponytail, overskirt, azki (hololive), animal ears, tail, black skirt, couch, stuffed toy, pleated skirt, stuffed animal, off shoulder, bare shoulders, animal ear fluff, choker, black choker, teddy bear, grey eyes, hair between eyes, on couch, feet out of frame, extra ears, off-shoulder sweater, signature, black pantyhose, head rest, miniskirt, earrings, sweater, black shirt, crop top, leaning forward, brown pantyhose, woman, 3d model, posing, studio, 3d modeling, digital art, pose reference, breasts, standing, medium breasts, from below, bodysuit, science fiction, ?, white shirt, spoken question mark, collarbone, looking up, grey background, short hair, parted lips, arm support, on bed, thighs, sweat, sky, stars, moon, sunset, power lines, birds, dusk, twilight, urban, evening, dim, natural, low, no, crescent moon, star \(sky\), outdoors, utility pole, starry sky, night, scenery, night sky, shooting star, gradient sky, no humans, orange sky, silhouette, streetlight, traffic sign, building, wire, crosswalk sign, outdoor, japan, japanese, city, aesthetic, pink, blue, purple, street, street photography, sign, mirror, reflection, travel, wanderlust, natural light, 2 (represented in sign), low angle shot, cloud, house, road sign, blue sky, window, tree, 1, studio lighting, open mouth, mismatched sleeves, ascot, :d, mole, mole under eye, asymmetrical clothes, official alternate hair length, vertical-striped clothes, tachi-e, white skirt, animal hands, cleavage, on back, cake, lying, large breasts, gloves, food, paw gloves, cat ears, cake slice, cup, teacup, mary janes, ribbon, frills, teapot, hair bun, maid, apron, frilled dress, saucer, from above, tiered tray, black ribbon, wires, lamp, street light, cityscape, electricity, infrastructure, mood, atmospheric, cinematic, lowkey, ambient, artificial, lamppost, cloudy sky

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Created at: 2024-06-30T17:02:10.949Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:57.263Z

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