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Name: miwa




Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2023-12-09T19:56:08.464Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:12.442Z

Tags of content: anime, miwa, jjk, girl, screenshot, digital art, tears, sadness, heartbroken, pain, blue hair, rain, dark, female, close up, 1girl, solo, blue eyes, close-up, closed mouth, long hair, portrait, serious, cut bangs, frown, bright pupils, artist name, white pupils, couple, romance, inside a vehicle, possibly a train or bus, train, bus, travel, night, dim, diffused, soft, young man, young woman, side view, closeup, 1boy, black hair, necktie, black necktie, black jacket, suit, shirt, jacket, formal, scarf, collared shirt, white shirt, topknot, black suit, suit jacket, upper body, contemplation, interior of a train, window seat, anime girl, train ride, window view, loneliness, journey, ambient, natural light from the window, young woman with long blue hair, slight low angle, sitting, english text, pants, instrument case, train interior, guitar case, brown footwear, shoes, black pants, from side, blurry, long sleeves, window, closed eyes, profile, sadness travel journey loneliness, airplane cabin seat window, anime blue hair airplane seat sad anime girl travel anime evening flight window seat, dim sunset natural blue, girl woman passenger, high angle aerial, letterboxed, phone, holding, cartoon, character, mechamaru, fear, concern, anxiety, eyelevel, subtitled, looking at viewer, parted lips, fake screenshot, meme, indoors, sorrow, crying, blue, woman, hand, mechanical object, round, face, hands, glow, circular, symbol, artifact, object, dramatic, green, pov, grin, smile, male focus, pov hands, green eyes, indoor, home, emotion, bluetoned, clenched teeth, teeth, blunt bangs, touch, connection, support, intimacy, artificial, 2, hand focus, fingernails, holding hands, blue theme, interlocked fingers, room, interior, longing, school uniform, love, frontal, asymmetrical bangs, light blue hair, looking down, straight hair, sad

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