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Name: artworks

Description: mostly twitter artists

Hearts: 3

Tags: twitter artists, artwork

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2023-12-12T02:38:04.159Z

Updated at: 2024-07-17T20:09:01.230Z

Tags of content: shuyu, lighting, soldiers, map, meeting, room, historical, military, strategy, planning, discussion, teamwork, candlelight, 6, from the side, multiple boys, indoors, black hair, table, short hair, red hair, blonde hair, cape, writing, epaulettes, holding, brown hair, gloves, chandelier, looking at another, white hair, candle, red cape, smile, paper, armor, multiple girls, 5boys, long hair, uniform, sitting, standing, white gloves, jewelry, 4boys, portrait anime, indoors bedroom bed, anime boy relaxed teddy bear camera music cassette tapes, warm artificial ambient golden hour, male teenager glasses redhead, high angle, teddy bear, camera, stuffed animal, stuffed toy, holding camera, jacket, pants, male focus, 1boy, solo, shirt, lying, black pants, red shirt, black jacket, on back, long sleeves, white border, looking at viewer, choker, phonograph, open jacket, black choker, pillow, border, open clothes, closed mouth, red eyes, book stack, painting, artwork, illustration, swamp, marsh, water, moonlit, night, horse, sword, journey, solitude, reflection, blue, brown, green, moonlight, atmospheric, rider, person, wide shot, moon, riding, outdoors, weapon, horseback riding, grass, full moon, bow \(weapon\), sky, holding weapon, night sky, scenery, lake, white flower, holding bow \(weapon\), reflective water, flower, redum, portrait, dark room, victorian, gothic, mysterious, vintage, fantasy, mirror, lantern, fireflies, candles, scarf, gaze, stare, warm, ambient, dramatic, 1 female, closeup, logo, dress, copyright name, orange hair, 1girl, light particles, dark background, dark, white shirt, solo focus, jar, cowboy shot, fire, fairy, curly hair, puffy long sleeves, grin, brown eyes, puffy sleeves, upper body, sidelighting, holding lantern, candlestand, hand up, girl, aesthetic, anime, starry night, ship, stars, anime girl, digital art, art, starship, lowlight, worm's eye view, star \(sky\), backpack, bag, socks, starry sky, from below, cloud, white socks, shoes, skirt, sailor collar, white dress, school uniform, railing, white skirt, brown footwear, full body, loafers, pleated skirt, kneehighs, serafuku, side, woman, indoor, geisha, japanese, traditional, studio light, 1, side view, blue background, from behind, japanese clothes, realistic, hair ornament, simple background, hair stick, hair bun, kimono, nape, single hair bun, profile, character, female, action pose, cityscape, urban, rooftop, sunset, cloudy, cyberpunk, futuristic, action, dynamic pose, vibrant, red, backlighting, young woman, low angle, blue eyes, open mouth, one eye closed, purple hair, hat, navel, midriff, braid, belt, crop top, virtual youtuber, stretching, twin braids, cropped jacket, arm up, black gloves, highleg panties, highleg, underwear, panties, black shirt, cloudy sky, shorts, panty straps, black headwear, teeth, black belt, ahoge, vibe, cold, dof, satekosan, love, relationship, winter, snow, forest, romantic, serene, togetherness, youth, winter fashion, soft light, couple, man, tree, white headwear, holding hands, hood, blurry, coat, baseball cap, from side, hood down, snowing, winter clothes, black coat, blurry foreground, depth of field, blue scarf, purple, ahriii, fan art, grass field, flowing hair, flowers, yellow field, soft, close up, breasts, thighhighs, very long hair, bridal gauntlets, purple kimono, cleavage, purple eyes, sash, obi, letterboxed, wide sleeves, floating hair, black thighhighs, large breasts, from above, hand in own hair, petals, mole under eye, mole, purple nails, tassel, ribbon, tomoe \(symbol\), obijime, raiden shogun, pool, colorful, drawing, evening, party, outdoor, tropical, summer, vacation, swimwear, bikini, pool party, bubbles, palm trees, lights, artificial light, ambient light, five females, five girls, swimsuit, 5girls, pink hair, v, green eyes, parted bangs, black bikini, cup, medium breasts, palm tree, wading, yellow eyes, partially submerged, drinking glass, white bikini, pink bikini, hair flower, closed eyes, building, floral print, halterneck, hair between eyes, drinking straw, holding cup, selfie, wavy hair, :d, collarbone, bare shoulders, reaching, frilled bikini, earrings, double v, blush, reaching towards viewer, see-through, green bikini, off shoulder, drink, fruit, lens flare, miyamoto frederica, modare, miku, twintail, drawing illustration, hatsune miku vocaloid anime balloons flying happy celebration, bright daytime, aerial bottomup, balloon, twintails, black skirt, thigh boots, sleeveless shirt, sleeveless, arms up, boots, miniskirt, absurdly long hair, wrist scrunchie, armpits, blue hair, blue sky, scrunchie, necktie, black footwear, aqua hair, zettai ryouiki, wrist cuffs, day, facing viewer, heart balloon, hatsune miku, green hair, floating, detailed, bright, bodysuit, black bodysuit, flame print, flag, aqua eyes, white jacket, single thighhigh, holding flag, single thigh boot, green gloves, two-tone gloves, spotlight, ask, female character, thigh highs, monster, shadow, spot light, black shorts, stomach, short shorts, thighs, 2girls, single bare shoulder, tattoo, snake, purple gloves, single glove, environment, mountain, bike, bguavas, motorcycle, field, clouds, travel, adventure, freedom, nature, natural, sunlight, wideangle, motor vehicle, road, bouquet, short sleeves, ponytail, mountainous horizon, flower garden, sunglasses, sunny, natural light, eye level, eyewear on head, hair ribbon, plant, tinted eyewear, bow, yellow flower, back, bottle, glass, cards, glitter, confetti, sparkles, stage, celebration, elegant, magical, rear view, slightly high angle, elbow gloves, purple dress, card, ass, backless outfit, pantyhose, veil, backless dress, sideboob, bare back, sketch, space buns, 1 girl, double bun, white background, knee boots, chinese clothes, black dress, twitter, parted lips, hairband, face, hair, eyes, none, ethereal, watercolor, flowing, pink, contemplative, emotional, head fins, fins, multicolored hair, hair intakes, colored skin, looking up, fish girl, concept art, fanart, magic, star guardian, league of legends, twin tails, glowing, running, 2 females, star guardian \(league of legends\), magical girl, star \(symbol\), staff, holding staff, official alternate costume, pink skirt, white footwear, lux (league of legends), dressing, wooden room, possibly a bedroom, with a dresser and mirror, intimacy, care, natural light coming from the right side, two women, one visible from the back, another reflected in the mirror, focus on the woman with purple hair, elf, pointy ears, black robe, robe, facing away, half updo, grey hair, painting \(object\), hair down, blurry background, fern (sousou no frieren), katana, japan, warrior, soft lighting, 2 people, male, standing pose, pink kimono, holding sword, haori, alternate costume, scar, black eyes, mikasa ackerman, manga, watermark, sample watermark, white veil, white choker, frills, mountains, daytime, mountain top, fate/grand order, fate series, mashu kyrielight, fujimaru ritsuka (male), da vinci (fate), holmes (fate), natural lighting, shadows, 4 people, 2boys, red coat, walking, red jacket, straight hair, sun, arms behind head, stark (sousou no frieren), drawing anime, anime girl long hair purple hair blue flowers black dress butterflies, soft diffuse, girl female, bird'seye view, bug, butterfly, hair spread out, detached sleeves, blue flower, holding flower, holding fruit, bonnet, blue butterfly, gem, black sleeves, fireworks, sparkler, movement, light trails, long exposure, city lights, light, city, signature, roses, heterochromia, red flower, grey eyes, rose, bowtie, red rose, collared shirt, hands up, medium hair, anime girl with cat ears, floral design, calendar (may), text, garden or forest setting, catgirl, jasmine, white, calendar, may, spring, natural sunlight filtering through leaves, 1 female anime character, closeup on the character's face and upper body, animal ears, hair over one eye, hairclip, cat ears, yellow bow, yellow bowtie, animal ear fluff, viewfinder, eyes visible through hair, branch, orange bowtie, x hair ornament, side braid, single braid, umbrella, japanese text, market, red umbrella, gothic lolita, slightly tilted, holding umbrella, red necktie, red bow, hair bow, low twintails, nude, bathtub, eyepatch, completely nude, bathing, tile wall, bathroom, bath, looking back, tiles, quanxi (chainsaw man), fight scene, battle, restaurant, interior, kung fu, animation, animals, panda, anthropomorphic animals, dynamic, furry, furry male, tail, fox tail, washing machine, laundromat, neon, artificial, front view, barefoot, knees up, own hands together, hands on own chest, two-tone hair, bare legs, isekai joucho, fighting, game art, snowy landscape, ruins, video game, scifi, diffused, cool, 2 female characters, actionfocused, mechanical arms, red scarf, headgear, duel, fake horns, horns, streaked hair, mechanical parts, headphones, gradient hair, characters, dynamic poses, sunrise, ocean, boat, genshin impact, character illustration, 8 characters (male and female), single horn, upside-down, wings, horse ears, head wings, dragon horns, 3boys, sandals, suit, holding book, brown pants, 4girls, book, wolf ears, trees, people, path, 4, aerial view, white coat, footprints, pavement, white capelet, fashion, hairstyle, barbershop, scissors, comb, stylish, cat tail, white thighhighs, lightning bolt print, cat girl, black hairband, holding scissors, blue bow, infection monitor \(arknights\), collar, high-waist skirt, hair over shoulder, two-tone jacket, open coat, multicolored jacket, black collar, id card, goldenglow (arknights), dragon, bird, high ponytail, character design, collage, abstract, gun, makeup, jade, accessories, varied, food, heart, multiple views, braided ponytail, black nails, bracelet, spoken heart, denim, denim shorts, ice cream, lipstick, nail polish, thigh strap, ramen, red lips, noodles, leaning forward, small breasts, all fours, mouth hold, messy room, window, couch, carton, alcohol, hiroi kikuri, plaid shirt, phone, ^_^, necklace, cellphone, jougasaki mika, boy, doves, church, stained glass, reading, 2, white bird, dove, instrument, fight, game, n/a, tengu, mask, fighter, motion, blur, bird boy, beak, grey background, hair tie, quad tails, white fur, body fur, feathers, hair tubes, winged arms, shoulder pads, two-tone fur, multicolored fur, 2d, angel, halo, y2k fashion, mythical creature, angel wings, feathered wings, short ponytail, clothing cutout, shoulder cutout, sneakers, white wings, hand on own arm, invisible chair, figure, blood, forest (top), abstract background with red swirls (bottom), samurai, power, soft lighting (top), dramatic lighting with strong contrast (bottom), two male characters, possibly the same person, slightly elevated (top), dynamic and angled (bottom), black kimono, black hakama, hakama, horror, supernatural, fear, frontal, ringed eyes, black necktie, sidelocks, makima (chainsaw man), stairs, formal, grand staircase, opulent, slight low angle, vest, black bow, black bowtie, buttons, blade (honkai: star rail), swirling, fiery, spell, yellow, black, orange, flow, antlers, yellow kimono, black background, town, swords, 4 characters, tilted, short hair with long locks, dark-skinned female, dark skin, cat, black cat, white sash, shihouin yoruichi, beidou, amber, fischl, withering waves, daylight, 3, wide angle, 3girls, red gloves, orange eyes, smoke, finger sign, white smoke, ninja, 1 person, weapon on back, forehead protector, headband, arm guards, low ponytail, sword on back, kuji-in, beach, sea, alone, horizon, wind, breakfast, tea, garden, silver hair, blue dress, tea cup, pastries, white ascot, teacup, ascot, blue coat, teapot, pink flower, neuvillette (genshin impact), anime girls, guns, weapons, car, postapocalyptic, car interior, destroyed city, apocalypse, ride, car trip, squad, team, girls with guns, four women, from inside the car looking out, holding gun, shotgun, steering wheel, red skirt, neck ribbon, rifle, coat on shoulders, demon horns, plaid skirt, garrison cap, pencil skirt, sniper rifle, side ponytail, fur-trimmed coat, plaid, fur trim, red ribbon, brown coat, aru (blue archive), earring, capelet, mage staff, frieren, architecture, coast, cliff, rock, mystical, dim, animal, crowd, shield, axe, club, barn, shack, creature, animalistic, 6+boys, barrel, mage, wizard, flower field, twilight, white cloak, cloak, arm behind back, bow and arrow, arctic fox, archer, animal archer, worms eye view, arrow \(projectile\), blush stickers, white feathers, celestial, golden hour, crescent moon, sunflower, holding bouquet, lighthouse, victory, sports, school, friendship, football field, stadium, bleachers, attack on titan, crossover, athletic, happy, natural sunlight, cheerleaders, football players, fans, eyelevel, cheerleader, pom pom \(cheerleading\), cheering, sportswear, reiner braun, dino, wine glass, glasses, hetero, eye contact, wine, spaghetti strap, strap slip, sleeping, aurora borealis, fantastical, glow, surreal, portal, choice, doors, doorway, heaven, afterlife, hope, decision, onepoint perspective, door, white pants, vines, outstretched arms, open door, crown braid, gradient background, dusk, blue shirt, princess zelda, ruin, rocks, high heels, romance, dance, balcony, cherry blossoms, birds, dreamlike, whimsical, diffuse, young man, slightly low angle, high heel boots, blue ribbon, bottomup, blue footwear, white cape, blue skirt, sparkle, ankle boots, miki sayaka, intricate details, painterly, dappled light, print shirt, messy hair, t-shirt, komaeda nagito, heart-shaped eyewear, innertube, swim ring, musical instrument, stream, peaceful, music, beauty, holding instrument, leaf, fence, playing instrument, throne room, palace, asian architecture, throne, wood, gold, royalty, court, wide, reflective floor, wooden floor, chair, east asian architecture, embrace, a man with green hair, a woman with green hair, bird's eye view, sheet music, piano, handgun, hug, english text, pink eyes, beautiful, bird on hand, armlet, strapless, strapless dress, low wings, looking at animal, pet, feline, cute, fluffy, artistic, digital painting, backlight, animal focus, no humans, white cat, whiskers, [car, cityscape], [road, city], [aesthetic, contemplation], [sunset], [woman], [eye level], vehicle focus, dancing, sunny day, youthful, young female, energetic, guitar, hoodie, hooded jacket, blue socks, shiina yuika, fine art, pond, water lily, lotus, aquatic plants, pond life, botanical, tranquil, calming, reflections, looking down, traditional media, painting \(medium\), watercolor \(medium\), artist name, horsemen, western, desert, plains, open sky, cowboys, landscape, vast, cinematic, backlit, riders, ground level, vastness, 1other, flying boat, watercraft, purple flower, springtime, cherry blossom, japanese school uniform, sakura, high angle shot, fur-trimmed jacket, copyright notice, crossed bangs, falling petals, shading eyes, 1 person anime, outdoors sky twilight, happiness freedom joyful anime girl, soft lighting sunset, girl long red hair smiling, white sailor collar, brown shirt, red bowtie, shuka high school uniform, kita ikuyo, cowboy, scenic, sailor hat, ship in a bottle, sailor uniform, longing, melancholy, blue headwear, otoko no ko, beret, jellyfish, mizuki (arknights), drawing cartoon character design, indoors chair, white hair green yellow cheerful peace sign sitting, soft lighting natural lighting, girl female fictional character, brown gloves, feet out of frame, fang, brown shorts, zoro, one piece, swordsman, three swords style, santoryu, low angle view, green kimono, scar across eye, dual wielding, roronoa zoro, hunter, volumetric, ground view, ainu clothes, fur cape, bandana, ainu, hoop earrings, asirpa, sniper, high contrast, scar on face, scar on cheek, hood up, facial hair, hooded cloak, military uniform, hooded cape, blue jacket, expressionless, bolt action, collared jacket, knee up, hair slicked back, ogata hyakunosuke, child, bare tree, kepi, imperial japanese army, military hat, blue pants, valley, hills, sheep, rooftops, skyscrapers, destroyed buildings, #2024 #arknights #anniversary #celebration #rhodes island, three individuals, futuristic clothing, horse girl, horse tail, skyscraper, newspaper, bench, women, bathing suits, blossom, three women, soaking feet, women men swords gun horns tails couch, fantasy action adventure, bright natural, 3 people: 2 female, 1 male, horns through headwear, surtr (arknights), battlefield, planted, planted sword, torn clothes, torn cape, moody, impressionistic, overcast, waves, sand, shore, seagull, blue flowers, black pantyhose, striped shirt, coffee, coffee maker, brewing, kitchen, home, coffee pot, mug, upper teeth only, coffee mug, low light, white pantyhose, two-tone dress, gradient dress, juliet sleeves, outstretched arm, sharp teeth, anime boy, anime character, hooded coat, red pants, ofuda, ofuda on clothes, suspenders, baggy pants, pyrokinesis, burning, white bow, weibo username, dated, fujiwara no mokou, water lilies, dark hair, deer, fantasy art, white sleeves, oil-paper umbrella, squatting, jungle, lush, animated, plants, yellow scarf, yellow headwear, blue bandana, hiking, mountainous, snowy, mountain climbing, summit, achievement, exploration, nature photography, contrast, silhouette, depth, very wide shot, poster, promotional, 2024, rpg, punikkon, aerial, demon tail, energy wings, mostima (arknights), war, soldier, destruction, despair, loss, aftermath, wreckage, dramatic lighting, slightly zoomed, helmet, suitcase, briefcase, dragon tail, holding suitcase, holding briefcase, dragon girl, flame-tipped tail, train, relax, lamp, plate, curtains, tea set, tray, holding paper, volcanic eruption, lava, apocalyptic, sheep horns, sheep ears, goat, sheep girl, eyjafjalla (arknights), smiling, ear piercing, piercing, cave, museum, statues, corridor, culture, history, visitors, one point perspective, statue, pillar, hallway, girl angel wings flowers rainbow nature light, indoor greenhouse, ethereal magical dreamy whimsical innocence purity fantasy anime illustration, bright natural light sunlight, back view, bandages, white ribbon, bandaged arm, character art, promotional image, modern, empty, arknights, yostar, hypergryph, 6 characters, stylized, crossed legs, red dress, deer ears, figures, sunset walk, warm light, two people, looking towards city, sailboat, sunshine, demon, candy hair ornament, star hair ornament, hair rings, food-themed hair ornament, lifebuoy, ruined building, rubble, dust particles, debris, sunlight streaming through gaps, two female characters, looking up at the characters, rabbit ears, rabbit girl, crown, multiple rings, ring, blue ascot, amiya (arknights), loneliness, contemplation, void, flame, prayer, ritual, yellow flames, bead bracelet, strapless shirt, beads, tassel earrings, design, blue bowtie, school bag, blue umbrella, birthday, birthday card, cherry blossom viewing, red nails, wildlife, reptile, wetlands, river, crocodile, alligator, predator, silverash, exusiai, leopard ears, leopard tail, silverash (arknights), headshot, intense gaze, undefined, intense, confident, shadowed, blue theme, 2 person, blanket fort, childhood, play, friend, indian style, yellow shirt, yellow theme, hand on own knee, army, grand hall, cathedral, epic, queen, leadership, spotlights, arch, long dress, gauntlets, knights, church interior, altar, stained glass windows, medieval, lowkey, 1 woman, 5 knights, shoulder armor, pauldrons, knight, full armor, multiple others, soft shadows, young male, black socks, short twintails, facial mark, dirty, dirty face, white umbrella, bus stop, public transportation, warmth, shoulder bag, handbag, death, sorrow, two soldiers, polearm, spear, stab, impaled, corpse, blood on weapon, blood on clothes, sword fight, pirates, foggy, eerie, pirate, tricorne, fighting action fantasy, arena colosseum, woman warrior, dynamic eyelevel palette: #d9d9d9 #bfbfbf #a6a6a6 #8e8e8e #757575, knife, comic, motion blur, leotard, 2koma, on one knee, dagger, conflict, wasteland, flags, dusty, hazy, dutch angle, sleeves rolled up, graveyard, snowy graveyard, sadness, tombstone, grave, cross, fur-trimmed cape, lightning, castle, groundlevel, electricity, black cape, warriors, arena, colosseum, destroyed, 2 women, science fiction, industrial, robot, mech, cyborg, urban decay, mecha, arm cannon, power armor, combat, fur, ice, wolf, blizzard, spot lighting, glowing eyes, quiver, muscular, icy, desolate, violence, confrontation, holding polearm, gameplay mechanics, battle duel warriors fantasy, waterfall cliff rocks, fantasy art concept art illustration digital art waterfalls swords archery fighting chinese art, daylight overcast, man woman, thirdperson, japanese armor, sheath, waterfall, futuristic city, street, graffiti, worm'seye view, holding shield, green cape, scabbard, attack, horned helmet, muscular male, beard, giant, abs, topless male, windy, demon slayer, tanjiro kamado, nezuko kamado, giyu tomioka, demon slayer uniform, scar on forehead, bamboo, bit gag, gag, fighting stance, siblings, asa no ha \(pattern\), brother and sister, checkered sash, pink ribbon, ready to draw, fingernails, kamado tanjirou, treasure, island, mist, fantasy characters, mythical creatures, swordfight, swordsmen, courtyard, archway, foliage, monochrome, strong shadows, two men, greyscale, dirt ground, two knights, flying, monsters, ancient, battle scene, dark fantasy, jumping, glowing weapon, action game, group, kneeling, fingerless gloves, black panties, snow leopard, unsheathing, pelvic curtain, dust, pantyshot, dust cloud, upskirt, ribbons, butterflies, delicate, bright lighting, neckerchief, arms behind back, white neckerchief, blue serafuku, character concept art, storytelling, companion, one person, one creature, peace, flight, student, coffee shop, cafe, barista, apron, girls, overalls, round eyewear, happiness, beach fun, laughter, joy, carefree, connection, young women, friends, bubble, black ribbon, water gun, underwater, air bubble, grand room, maids, dress up, elegance, feminine, preparation, natural (likely window light), four maids, one central figure being dressed., slightly elevated, dressing another, 6+girls, maid, maid apron, white apron, tape measure, hairdressing, frilled apron, collared dress, braiding hair, drill hair, brushing another's hair, brushing hair, joyful, two girls, pinafore dress, sleeveless dress, smoking, rain, green coat, lotus flowers, cigarette, holding cigarette, one eye covered, lily pad, drinking, bar, relaxation, nighttime, pub, tavern, drinks, fun, conversation, inviting, cozy, camaraderie, lamplight, three men, bar \(place\), black vest, weibo logo, bartender, black apron, dark-skinned male, dawn, unity, rim lighting, warm lighting, fighters, magical girls, profile view, dynamic perspective, hourglass, pink dress, slightly above, leg ribbon, picture frame, scene, bridge, dreamy, chinese, multiview, hanfu, festival, parade, traditional clothing, buildings, lively, joyous, with the man in the foreground and the festival in the background, hand fan, folding fan, holding fan, catboy, curious, innocent, adorable, mouse, miniboy, cat boy, mouse tail, mini person, mouse ears, top-down bottom-up, environment concept art, bamboo forest, rim light, light rays, sunbeam, overgrown, potted plant, saucer, open book, vase, monster hunter, creepy, gate, leaves, autumn, fall, torii gate, health bar, heads-up display, user interface, fake screenshot, autumn leaves, video game art, shrine, spirited away, ghibli, movie location, pilgrimage, dappled sunlight, straight on, leading lines, stone lantern, 3 samurai, rice hat, sunrise/sunset, game character, single leg pantyhose, christmas, festive, wreath, ornament, origami crane, origami, paper crane, sleeves past wrists, sweater, pink sweater, blue hat, hand on headwear, plugsuit, red bodysuit, pilot suit, interface headset, looking to the side, two side up, souryuu asuka langley, vocaloid, turquoise hair, anime illustration, number tattoo, headset, aqua necktie, red moon, abstract background, fantasy clothing, ornate, androgynous, slightly below eye level, hand on own chest, outside border, rural, beaches, sunsets, balconies, forests, cities, rivers, anime aesthetic, evocative, background art, silhouettes, cyclist, wide shots, long shots, some closeups, bicycle, performance, musical performance, tuba, purple footwear, man walking through flowers, field of flowers, nature walk, soft colors, expressive eyes, young girl, slightly below, helicopter, chromatic aberration, outdoor seating, city life, casual, holding newspaper, head rest, beanie, disposable cup, on chair, time, clock, glowing effects, pocket watch, splash, energy, golden arms, other focus, blunt bangs, melting, crystal hair, liquid, phosphophyllite (ll), bell, twin drills, skirt hold, frilled dress, grassy field, wildflowers, bunny ears, flower crown, warm sunlight, two anime girls, motorcycle girl, sunset ride, cool pose, black outfit, saori (blue archive), playing piano, heavenly, fantasy surreal landscape, magical otherworldly ruins, magic tree portal ceremony mystical dreamlike spiritual, ethereal glowing high contrast, multiple silhouettes one central figure, wide angle slightly low angle, snow falling, human, religious, spiritual, lanterns, torii, paper lantern, shimenawa, hydrangea, bush, lamppost, green skirt, brooch, butterfly on hand, looking ahead, blue gemstone, meadow, sunset scenery, back lighting, sun light, 2 girls, high angle palette: #eee9e1 #c6b7ad #97867b #786258 #67544a, witch, broom, potion, orb, broom riding, corset, determined, anniversary, tea party, mobile game, gacha game, anniversary illustration, 5th anniversary, spring gathering, cake, cake slice, fork, hat flower, pink rose, holding saucer, holding fork, blue rose, sun hat, holding plate, hat bow, frilled sleeves, white rose, puffy short sleeves, see-through sleeves, strawberry, spoon, strawberry shortcake, hat ribbon, tilted headwear, index finger raised, twitter username, princess, volumetric lighting, self hug, low anglepalette: #141313 #33201b #f2932d #92684a #ebc49a, companionship, frozen lake, open space, chinese art style, mount, animal companion, caravan, winter scene, diffused light, group of travelers, nomads, cabbie hat, leopard girl, cane, pramanix (arknights), kiss, park, autumn love, couple goals, romantic walk, fall vibes, two, transparent, transparent umbrella, yellow neckerchief, black sailor collar, falling leaves, role playing game, tentacles, saw, thigh cutout, specter (arknights), the legend of zelda, breath of the wild, link, dog, australian shepherd, link (the legend of zelda), champion's tunic \(zelda\), short over long sleeves, layered sleeves, blue tunic, tongue, ;d, shield on back, turtleneck, blushing, shy, grey sweater, turtleneck sweater, glass case, bonsai, chinese clothing, scroll, shawl, falling, transformation, slightly below looking up, musical note hair ornament, musical note, fortissimo, wand, full shot, holding wand, pink footwear, antenna hair, kinomoto sakura, tomoeda elementary school uniform, mary janes, fuuin no tsue, action fantasy, outdoors flowers air, anime sword action pose jumping school uniform dynamic colorful, bright soft, girl anime girl, kaedehara kazuha, fantastical creature, floral, low angle palette: #fdfdfc #e9e3c3 #c2d998 #99b773 #768d5a, green headwear, green shorts, collared cape, venti (genshin impact), art studio, easel, art supplies, canvas \(object\), shrug \(clothing\), light smile, painting \(action\), coastal, sunset beach, ocean view, coastal landscape, nature painting, light in darkness, lantern light, cheers, cruise ship, ocean liner, cruise, men, luxury, enjoyment, leisure, bonding, street lights, family portrait, mountain meadow, snowcapped mountains, family, serenity, family (father, mother, two children), long beard, dwarf, action animal character fight motion, bird warrior fantasy character action pose motion blur vibrant colors, bright natural, dynamic closeup, white scarf, anthropomorphic, avian, holding with feet, talons, mountaintop temple, temple, snowy mountains, two humanoid bird creatures, humanoid, braids, tribal, strong lighting from above, one character, birdlike humanoid, claws, crowds cheering, football, cheerleading, football stadium bleachers, excited, a crowd of young adults, mostly male, and one woman, slightly low, fire magic, flowing dress, young adult, fur collar, dark clothing, serious expression, branches, wistful, hand, petal, first person view, hand focus, pov, out of frame, chaos, visual development, seafaring, back light, two person looking at the view, aerial perspective, dock, trade, merchant, dinosaur, bustling, crowded, harbor, port, shipping, dinosaurs, merchants, traders, sailors, gathering confrontation meeting, interior barn wooden, dramatic backlit warm, crowd anthropomorphic animals, road trip, 4 girls, from slightly below, tea time, calm, orange flower, school life, drama, memories, school hallways, library, classroom, outdoor setting, story, nostalgic, high school students, male and female, couples, closeups, gekkoukan high school uniform, randoseru, desk, age progression, yuuki makoto (persona 3), experiment, science, research, study, laboratory, knowledge, discovery, intensity, focus, dedication, scientist, researcher, chalkboard, chalk, green vest, head down, space, magic staff, mona megistus, top hat, different reflection, asymmetrical gloves, mismatched gloves, white shorts, light blue hair, cowlick, furina (genshin impact), beautiful woman, black mask, dangle earrings, zhongli, single earring, white necktie, ginkgo leaf, zhongli (genshin impact), vending machine, street light, photo background, green dress, hands in pockets, multicolored clothes, geta, illustration anime fantasy, water beach, bright natural sunlight, high angle palette: #89cff0 #f0f8ff #ffd700 #00a36c #ffffff, shell, seashell, train station, platform, young couple, zelda, gerudo, top lighting, blue lips, lap pillow, circlet, chain, hair pulled back, video game characters, interaction, sheikah, carpet, yokozuwari, blue nails, graceful, lattice, white robe, fox girl, kitsune, fox ears, snow scene, winter scenery, japanese temple, red hairband, hakama skirt, multiple tails, kyuubi, yagasuri, fox, waist apron, pinwheel, suzuran (arknights), flying children magic fantasy adventure, sky clouds, whimsical joyful flight fantasy art anime, natural light bright, four children, witch hat, >_<, green footwear, twins, chinese new year, celebratory, dragon dance, cultural, two young girls (possibly twins), leg warmers, red footwear, short dress, loose socks, eastern dragon, green background, 3 people, yae miko, sangonomiya kokomi, 3 female, tower, pink jacket, electric guitar, gibson les paul, cube hair ornament, track jacket, one side up, grey skirt, happy birthday, gotoh hitori, uchiha sasuke, naruto, sharingan, chidori, 1 man, two women in elegant dresses, staircase, text overlay, side slit, klee, diona, 2 female, pink bow, cross-laced footwear, pink bowtie, wedding, dream, wedding illustration, romantic illustration, dreamy illustration, couple illustration, love illustration, fantasy illustration, bride, groom, rabbit, bridal veil, wedding dress, yellow background, hand on another's waist, husband and wife, wheat, fantasy character, tree branch, holding pen, pen, in tree, 1 person dancing dress sky sunlight happy, outdoors daytime, anime art illustration red hair yellow dress flowing hair dynamic pose joyful, bright natural sunny, young woman anime girl, yellow dress, sundress, kokomi, genshin impact (video game), zora, red skin, fish boy, monster boy, monster girl, no eyebrows, multicolored skin, two characters, trident, ripples, purple aesthetic, dark purple, black bra, thighs up, semitransparent, ghost, rocky, power lines, utility pole, office, doctor, handsome, unworn eyewear, holding removed eyewear, lab coat, graves, grief, memory, behind the woman, walking away, anime style, intravenous drip, hand in pocket, scalpel, theater, audience, opera, singer, entertainment, classical, from stage looking out, 6+others, fragmented, black flower, black rose, off-shoulder dress, pokemon \(creature\), size difference, riding pokemon, pokemon, reshiram, pokemon black and white, legendary pokemon, dragon type, fire type, flying type, fog, storm, rayquaza, legendary, scale, giant monster, trainers, stormy, mega rayquaza, men playing roulette, casino, roulette, gambling, suits, dim lighting, poker chip, black suit, light beam, gardevoir, rebirth, white skin, two-tone skin, green skin, bob cut, flat chest, u_u, moss, striped clothes, pigtails, blue necktie, grey sleeves, arm at side, :o, [sketch, fanart], [forest, water], [anime girl, sunlight], [soft light], [girl], [bird's eye view], fairytale, wonderland, alice in wonderland, white rabbit, playing cards, sunsetlike, young girl (alice in wonderland), slightly from below looking up, playing card, mushroom, sidewalk, streetlights, car lights, street level, black bag, train car, overhead, red headwear, argyle clothes, standing on one leg, argyle legwear, red pantyhose, red neckerchief, ceiling light, hanging light, rolling suitcase, surprise, magician, magic show, illusion, stage performance, wonder, holding cane, brown vest, monocle, klein moretti, dragon boy, red eyeliner, eyeliner, green horns, fetal position, dan heng (imbibitor lunae) (honkai: star rail), architectural, flowing fabric, dan heng (honkai: star rail), male character, santa, gifts, holiday, snow globe, gift, christmas tree, christmas ornaments, weighing scale, black wings, white hoodie, medical eyepatch, aiming at viewer, character name, vehicle, black uniform, red accents, technology, android, armband, multiple horns, black horns, hina (blue archive), alleyway, pensive, purple halo, purple jacket, lace-up boots, haruka (blue archive), asian, mythology, gathering, sisters, nian (arknights), abandoned, angels, solemn, religious imagery, gothic architecture, five, detached wings, mechanical halo, black halo, meteor shower, arknights (video game), texas (arknights), exusiai (arknights), lappland (arknights), firelight, 3 women, dog ears, company name, urban fantasy, anime characters, 4 anime characters, bird girl, bird ears, feather hair, fiammetta (arknights), drawing anime girl, low, antique phone, corded phone, holding phone, rotary phone, shirt tucked in, window blinds, purple bow, violin, purple ribbon, skeleton, 1 person drawing, anime military uniform hat white hair red eyes serious gloves, hand on own chin, high collar, photography, vintage camera, bokeh, frilled umbrella, holding fireworks, green jacket, grey scarf, concert, singing, microphone, concert lights, stage lighting, performer, dynamic angle, holding microphone, grey shirt, half-closed eyes, street scene, reflective, lonely, behindthescenes, paparazzi, red carpet, fame, celebrity, event, glamour, flash photography, on side, on couch, controller, unworn shoes, bare arms, city street, pink car, sports car, feather boa, strappy heels, luggage, traveling, blue neckerchief, birdcage, brown jacket, cage, black umbrella, riding bicycle, cross hair ornament, shiroko (blue archive), strong lighting, 1 boy, yaoi, open shirt, undressing, toned, toned male, hand on another's chest, bishounen, pectorals, ruined city, action scene, dynamic composition, good vs evil, epic battle, mages, torii gates, japanese mythology, yokai, night festival, chinese text, aerial fireworks, outdoors urban, sunny natural light, hand between legs, whiskey, lowkey lighting, pink neckerchief, blue sailor collar, natsu (blue archive), nintendo, pointy hat, close-up, studio, trendy, pose, vivid, cross necklace, hand on own head, perfume bottle, lace trim, sweets, dark dress, purple accents, kawaii, balloons, dessert, makeup palette, cassette tape, black swan, rabbit plush, frontal view, chocolate cake, cherry, chain link fence, blue hour, urban exploration, isolation, mood, night photography, looking through, chain-link fence, nature scene, thoughtful, heart lollipop, holding food, candy, holding candy, lollipop, mini hat, holding lollipop, mini top hat, xiao, anemo, yaksha, adeptus, illuminated, powerful, outer space, mansion, melancholic love longing, beach ocean dusk pier, sunset warm dramatic, woman man, long skirt, highlights, updo, hand on own face, pier, sunset love, anime couple, seascape, birds in flight, pier scene, back-to-back, white suit, lgbtq+, frame, through medium, japanese culture, affection, exterior, traditional japanese room, shoji screens, temari balls, temari, sunlight streaming through the window, one in a dark kimono, one in a light kimono, ball, temari ball, tabi, sliding doors, waltz, partnership, grace, yuri, ribbon choker, pant suit, fujimaru ritsuka (female), talking, topknot, bookshelf, hayakawa aki, fish, swimmer, supernatural powers, electric, antagonist, low angle shot, glowing sword, hello kitty, heart hair ornament, air, female warrior, angled, dusk (arknights), lily pads, ancient ruins, pond scene, wooden boat, serene atmosphere, ethereal beauty, dappled, wisteria, wisteria flowers, traditional chinese clothing, chinese art, holding brush, paintbrush, striped bikini, reclining, village, houses, monkey d. luffy, straw hat pirates, wano country, yukata, multiple, behind, following, straw hat, orange neckerchief, planet, earth, nebula, explosion, green thighhighs, aqua skirt, blue thighhighs, magical attack, wuxia, women in dresses, paintings, majestic architecture, epic scene, tiara, column, go, indoor lighting, female characters, fashionable, yellow gloves, closed umbrella, water drop, 5, mouth mask, gladiia (arknights), clothing, mobile phone, craft essence \(fate\), white kimono, card \(medium\), tanabata, tanzaku, tomoe gozen (fate), electrokinesis, spiked hair, ornate room, skulls, books, dark academia, sunlight through window, skull, grassland, orange dress, brown dress, long green hair, ballet, ballerina, ballet slippers, facing up, tutu, darkness, glowing orb, kiana kaslana, person sword stars sky clouds water, night celestial, fantasy magical celestial dreamlike powerful, bright glowing ethereal, albedo (genshin impact), beach vibes, summer evening, friendship goals, peaceful scenery, orange sky, magic kaito, detective conan, phantom thief, monocle (not pictured), card (not pictured), kaito kid, adjusting clothes, adjusting headwear, no people, grey thighhighs, breastplate, winged helmet, prosthesis, prosthetic arm, prosthetic leg, gold armor, amputee, red sky, covered eyes, malenia blade of miquella, scar on chest, scar on arm, scar on nose, wet, hakurei reimu, coin, sitting on desk, whip, pearl necklace, ears through headwear, cat hat, tail ornament, jingle bell, hair bell, animal hat, tail bow, white mittens, tassel hair ornament, 3koma, orange theme, fish tail, maid headdress, shark tail, colored inner hair, bead necklace, red theme, freckles, cowboy hat, portgas d. ace

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