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Name: mahito




Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2023-12-13T22:51:06.993Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:17.733Z

Tags of content: mahito, jjk, guy, manga, action, fighting, dark, mysterious, hands, battle, black and white, high contrast, 3, closeup, monochrome, greyscale, multiple boys, topless male, 2boys, male focus, weapon, pants, extra arms, holding weapon, jacket, holding, fighting stance, short hair, sword, long sleeves, blood, katana, suit, belt, holding sword, open mouth, drawing, illustration, sketch, anime, outdoor, monster, humanoid, horns, spiky hair, armor, man, side view, solo, 1boy, polearm, from behind, spear, muscular, helmet, perspective, model, 3d character, 3d model, virtual, 3d, character, male, human, grey, black, artificial, soft, sky, standing, tiles, blue sky, from side, profile, abs, indoor, comic, superpower, english text, muscular male, monster boy, teeth, combat, supernatural, abstract, superpowers, energy, dramatic, two males, one with white hair, dynamic, spiked hair, powerful, muscle, fist, scary, glowing, purple, worm's eye view, smile, long hair, blue hair, grin, jewelry, pectorals, upper body, bracelet, looking at viewer, [monster, creature], [sky], [pink, wings, sharp, menacing, fantasy, claws, talons], [dramatic], [], [low angle view], colored skin, pink skin, no eyes, purple skin, simple background, crown, purple background, sharp teeth, comic book, panel, speech bubble, welllit, meme, stitched face, closed mouth, window, hair between eyes, shirt, stitches, fight, movement, transformation, superhuman, motion lines, speed, power, strong shadows, demon, hatching \(texture\), clenched hands, outdoors, mountains, action pose, 1 person, low angle, trident, tail, unknown, bleeding, nosebleed, injury, blood on face, blood from mouth, messy hair, studio, anatomy, arm, body, digital, figure, pose, render, shape, skin, natural, sunlight, cowboy shot, realistic, closed eyes

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