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Name: fern




Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2023-12-17T23:38:39.342Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:18.032Z

Tags of content: dress, dance, woman, man, performance, suit, stage, ballroom, dancing, waltz, glitter, elegant, entertainment, competition, spotlight, bright, adult, eye level, 1girl, 1boy, white dress, tuxedo, black hair, blonde hair, formal, long hair, backless dress, white footwear, backless outfit, high heels, black pants, holding hands, bowtie, bow, pants, hetero, realistic, couple, jacket, blurry, wedding dress, black jacket, ball, ballroom dance, dance floor, dancers, stage lighting, black dress, jewelry, short hair, black footwear, necklace, brown hair, long sleeves, bare shoulders, romance, wedding, indoors, palace, ballroom dancing, flowing dress, black suit, indoor lighting, full shot, ring, shoes, standing, fine art parody, outstretched arm, fern, anime, anime screenshot, romantic, indoor, crowd, side view, purple hair, red hair, gloves, elbow gloves, closed eyes, white gloves, red jacket, multiple girls, red eyes, purple eyes, sidelocks, 2girls, uniform, blurry background, blunt bangs, sleeping, fern (sousou no frieren), classic hollywood, musical, dance partners, iconic, vintage, theatrical, spotlights, fred astaire, ginger rogers, looking at another, curly hair, arm around waist, shirt, black bowtie, see-through, eye contact, blue background, necktie, full body, drawing, illustration, love, gown, natural, front view, hair ornament, hair bun, smile, hair flower, single hair bun, flower, alternate costume, closed mouth, alternate hairstyle, updo, upper body, stark (sousou no frieren), stark, eyelevel, sash, shoulder sash, multiple boys, short sleeves, cartoon, screenshot, interior, red uniform, young man, medium shot, military uniform, fake screenshot, frieren, character sheet, 1 female anime character, white background, long straight purple hair, bangs, white blouse, black long coat, 1 girl, front, multiple views, reference sheet, half updo, straight hair, long dress, simple background, coat, black coat, turnaround, from side, boots, looking at viewer, frills, profile, expressions, long coat, expressionless, frilled collar, purple pupils, robe, gold trim, anime boy, male focus, solo, looking back, from behind, epaulettes, brown eyes, hair slicked back, dancing romance ballroom formal attire anime, grand ballroom, dance couple elegance party celebration, bright artificial, young woman young man, red coat, braid, arm behind back, checkered floor, tile floor, knee boots, tiles, belt, white sash, alternate universe, breasts, red dress, character, people in background, open mouth, solo focus, collarbone, hair up, girl, outdoor, anime girl, floral, cute, sunny, day, 1, petals, outdoors, collar, character design, n/a, model sheet, winter, scarf, flat, female, side, rear, blue dress, winter clothes

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