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Name: finished fanart

Description: stuff ive drawn from using refs in this folder


Tags: fanart, 2023

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2023-12-30T03:43:14.083Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:27.296Z

Tags of content: jjk, my art, drawing, outdoor, wings, mask, horns, clouds, monster, anime, manga, backlit, ambient, man, worm's eye view, 1boy, male focus, solo, muscular, weapon, abs, holding, muscular male, holding weapon, tail, pectorals, spiked hair, sword, signature, topless male, blindfold, portrait, woman, fiction, indoors, room, chair, blonde, long hair, sleeveless, smiling, peaceful, contemplative, resting, brown eyes, soft, warm, natural, sunlight, shadows, young woman, closeup, eyelevel, 1girl, blonde hair, smile, looking at viewer, closed mouth, lips, own hands together, bare shoulders, sitting, dress, character, male, action, minimal, white background, fighter, warrior, determined, action pose, 1, firstperson, black hair, black eyes, simple background, holding sword, short hair, bags under eyes, blurry foreground, jacket, upper body, blurry, shirt, expressionless, illustration, none, water, magic, fantasy, energy, movement, dramatic lighting, night, rear view, sideburns, scar across eye, from behind, back, scar, bara, back focus, frieren, painting, character design, elf, white hair, ponytail, red earrings, golden armor, glowing, soft light, backlight, warm light, side view, pointy ears, twintails, jewelry, earrings, white capelet, capelet, sketch, green eyes, profile, winter, snow, fire, drink, girl, purple hair, artificial light, purple eyes, scarf, blunt bangs, long sleeves, coat, sky, night sky, blue scarf, winter clothes, eating, cup, sidelocks, outdoors, blush, food, white coat, snowing, fern (sousou no frieren), dancing, red hair, looking at another, white dress, eye contact, hetero, puffy sleeves, short sleeves, breasts, uniform, hand on another's waist, puffy short sleeves, sash, couple, gloves, hair bun, from side, sadness solitude, train seat, anime drawing blue tears, night dim blue, woman blue hair, high angle, necktie, blue hair, pants, suit, closed eyes, formal, black pants, black suit, white shirt, black necktie, black jacket, collared shirt, window, brown footwear, shoes, straight hair, ahoge, train interior, full body, glasses, snowy, mountain, peak, nature, blue eyes, book, sunny, daylight, bright, young adult, holding suitcase, parted bangs, holding bag, briefcase, bag, pantyhose, boots, holding briefcase, winter coat, suitcase, standing, buttons, blue sky, black pantyhose, walking, mountainous horizon, day

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