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Name: Character sheet

Description: Character standing in background



Created by: noelhasla (@noelhasla)

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Created at: 2024-02-08T14:08:42.129Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:14.450Z

Tags of content: fire emblem, fe, character, girl, elf, black background, anime, illustration, video game, bright, 1, front, 1girl, pointy ears, solo, purple eyes, gloves, long hair, belt, navel, green hair, thighhighs, cape, open mouth, shorts, ahoge, full body, smile, transparent background, ponytail, boots, looking at viewer, circlet, bow, flat chest, midriff, blonde hair, black gloves, standing, short shorts, jewelry, pink bow, thigh boots, woman, twintails, bikini, beach, playful, pool, soft, natural, eye level, swimsuit, halo, eyewear on head, breasts, pink hair, sandals, yellow bikini, pink eyes, small breasts, very long hair, sunglasses, heart-shaped eyewear, fang, alternate costume, white background, legs, toes, heart, simple background, side-tie bikini bottom, toenails, pink halo, stomach, collarbone, v, bare shoulders, string bikini, arm up, feet, symbol-shaped pupils, bag, hair between eyes, front-tie bikini top, holding, arm behind back, bare legs, front-tie top, halterneck, nail polish, blush, groin, toenail polish, koyuki (blue archive), artist logo, 1boy, lying, black hair, hetero, shirt, green eyes, necktie, white shirt, looking at another, short hair, on side, couple, large breasts, bed sheet, cleavage, brown hair, underwear, pants, collared shirt, striped necktie, dress shirt, bloomers, white shorts, parted lips, ribbon, hairband, blue bow, bra, on back, bowtie, neckwear grab, chitanda eru, drawing, indoor, soft lighting, 1 girl, female, wings, one-piece swimsuit, hair bun, single side bun, yellow eyes, white wings, white thighhighs, feathered wings, scrunchie, low wings, casual one-piece swimsuit, white one-piece swimsuit, wrist scrunchie, angel wings, hair ornament, high heels, holding bag, covered navel, closed mouth, frills, platform footwear, wing ornament, hand up, flower, mika (blue archive), cartoon, fictional character, swimwear, outdoor, angel, white hair, swim ring, white, blue, innertube, white bikini, mechanical halo, holding swim ring, thigh strap, grey hair, blunt bangs, thigh gap, sidelocks, noa (blue archive), indoors, classroom, anime boy, anime girl, school uniform, sailor uniform, welllit, natural light, 2 people, man, closeup, skirt, gakuran, serafuku, sailor collar, pleated skirt, neckerchief, black sailor collar, white border, long sleeves, body writing, kamiyama high school uniform \(hyouka\), jacket, black jacket, black skirt, upper teeth only, cowboy shot, teeth, border, window, pen, holding pen, :o, :d, marker, black bikini, purple hair, two side up, medium breasts, white jacket, open clothes, open jacket, off shoulder, skindentation, white footwear, yuuka (blue archive), anime long hair bikini black hair red eyes halo gun briefcase, red eyes, thigh holster, holster, armpits, sideboob, hairclip, weapon, arm behind head, black footwear, bright pupils, gun, rio (blue archive)

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