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Name: wuthering waves sanhua




Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2024-03-07T04:08:44.365Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:22.397Z

Tags of content: sanhua, wuthering waves, impact, dynamic pose, action, music, performance, stage, rock, concert, guitar, black and white, dramatic, spotlight, musician, guitarist, closeup, dynamic, monochrome, greyscale, motion blur, no humans, artist name, black background, comic, solo, sword, action anime, night outdoors, katana warrior blue hair dark fantasy, ambient spot light, woman, low angle, 1girl, hat, holding, weapon, armpits, black headwear, gloves, sleeveless, looking at viewer, holding weapon, black gloves, arm up, shirt, yellow eyes, black shirt, beret, long hair, sleeveless shirt, belt, midriff, holding sword, jewelry, crop top, necklace, closed mouth, blue hair, black skirt, skirt, bare shoulders, orange eyes, grey hair, breasts, poses, anime, dark, spear, fighting, battle, warrior, science fiction, bright, soldier, short hair, staff, holding staff, ahoge, blurry, flower, hair ornament, grey eyes, character, attack, skill, combat, game, rpg, outdoor, forest, ruins, fantasy, magic, adventure, daylight, soft lighting, female, thirdperson, outdoors, pantyhose, shorts, tree, standing, black pantyhose, black shorts, design, back, person, tattoo, snow, hair, snowing, black outfit, accessories, rear view, virtual youtuber, from behind, back focus, spine, upper body, ribbon, mechanical parts, cable, alternate costume, blurry background, median furrow, choker, hair ribbon, hoshimachi suisei, indoors, earrings, bright light, portrait, mole under mouth, closed eyes, mole, makeup, eyeshadow, dress, black dress, open mouth, profile, from side, letterboxed, brown eyes, white background, copyright name, simple background, grassy field, night, explosions, futuristic technology, futuristic, energy weapons, glowing, artificial, two female characters, one in futuristic armor, one in tactical gear, wide shot, boots, black footwear, ice, cave, ice spikes, diffused, ambient, cool, side view, legs apart, fight, axe, field, grass, sky, male, light, overcast, man, monster, katana, cloud, snowy, 1, full shot, scenery, character sheet, girl, indoor, studio, fighter, sorceress, studio lighting, full body, red eyes, navel, sheath, grey background, thigh strap, medium breasts, brown pantyhose, sheathed, hand up, pleated skirt, pose, video game, creature, rocks, trees, shield, natural light, 1 person, 1boy, mountain, male focus, pants, official alternate costume, turtleneck, hoop earrings, medium hair, official alternate hairstyle, character design, n/a, soft light, shadows, round image, circle, transparent background, sideways glance, outfit, fashion, none, manga, fashion design, neutral, backless outfit, chain, backless dress, high heels, high heel boots, cape, smoky, cyberpunk, action pose, black clothing, dim, anime character, blue eyes, hdr, third person, firing, military vehicle, motor vehicle, tank, military, cloudy sky, gun, clouds, samurai, power, energy, spot light, beads, arms up, elbow gloves, white hair, glass, broken glass, drawing, animation, screenshot, backlit, english text

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