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Name: yuki x itduomi



Tags: yuki, flower, yubisaki no renren, sign of affection, itsuomi

Created by: JAKS (@jaks024)

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Created at: 2024-03-25T21:17:30.719Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:35.741Z

Tags of content: wisteria, flower, forest, outdoors, purple, spring, nature, blossoms, bloom, bright, natural light, eye level, no humans, scenery, tree, plant, purple flower, leaf, day, grass, blurry, sunlight, dappled sunlight, sky, yuki, yubisaki no renren, character, anime, outdoor, flowers, garden, beauty, pink hair, daytime, soft, woman, girl, side view, 1girl, solo, long hair, shirt, white shirt, blush, upper body, parted lips, pink eyes, blurry background, looking up, half updo, profile, photo background, flower garden, anime girl, daylight, portrait, looking at viewer, bag, pink flower, still, wisteria flowers, anime boy, white hair, blue eyes, soft colors, ambient, natural, 1 boy, 1boy, fake screenshot, male focus, open mouth, short hair, hair between eyes, hood, hoodie, fake phone screenshot, grey hair, soft lighting, emotional, dreamy, female, anime character, closeup, earphones, earbuds, close-up, glasses, trees, blooming, city park, sunny, man, from behind, facing away, building, school uniform, blue hair, blossom, natural lighting, close up, still life, depth of field, branch, drawing, romantic, love, couple, confession, date, from side, long sleeves, black pants, pants, brown hair, standing, petals, hand in pocket, hands in pockets, blue shirt, closed mouth, jacket, illustration, 1 girl, red hair, collared shirt, itsuomi, male, purple shirt, finger on chin, smiling, 1, smile, hand up, index finger raised, 1 person, face, indoors, young adult, lips, looking down, black shirt, indoor, boy, romance, three people, multiple girls, 2girls, jewelry, earrings, full-face blush, brown eyes, pink background, multicolored hair, hands on own face, looking at another, yellow shirt, ear blush, pink shirt, 1 male, 1 female, eye contact, hetero, imminent kiss, hug, heartshaped pupils, cute, innocent, shy, home, thoughtful expression, couch, grey shirt

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