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Name: To practice




Created by: Pythoticus (@pythoticusbingle)

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Created at: 2024-03-27T21:23:19.307Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:36.954Z

Tags of content: traditional, pen, sketchbook, cat, pet, animal, faucet, sink, indoor, home, cat drinking water, funny cat, cute cat, indoor lighting, eye level, traditional media, no humans, animal focus, art tools in frame, monochrome, english text, marker, urban sketching, observation, drawing, sketch, architecture, building, church, cathedral, outdoor, travel sketch, siena cathedral, duomo di siena, italy, watercolor, daylight, scenery, tower, clock tower, scarlet devil mansion, outdoors, clock, stairs, window, concept art, superhero, comic book, spiderman, miles morales, spidergwen, spiderman noir, marvel comics, into the spiderverse, ambient, gwen stacy, 1girl, bodysuit, hooded bodysuit, hood, mask, 1boy, hat, spider web print, spider web, silk, coat, short hair, hood up, trench coat, spider-gwen, dinosaur, pencil, character design, paper, creature, design, pokemon \(creature\), tongue, fangs, grass, sharp teeth, open mouth, white background, watercolor \(medium\), standing, teeth, simple background, pencil , indoors, wolf, mythology, stars, clouds, solo, full body, tongue out, claws, from side, greyscale, sparkle, boat, street, water, city, venice, canal, travel, bridge, urban, fountain, trevi fountain, rome, landmark, sculpture, pool, stone, baroque, ink, day, none, pillar, dress, sitting, painting \(medium\), long hair, monument, architectural sketch, natural, onepoint perspective, sky, castle, cloud, portrait, cityscape, graffiti, art, illustration, new york city, daytime, woman, girl, multiple perspectives, blonde hair, asymmetrical hair, undercut, eyebrow piercing, hoodie, smile, looking to the side, animification, blue eyes, hood down, signature, upper body, sidecut, food, person, male, female, spiderverse, fan art, bright, artificial, bird's eye, eyelevel, dark-skinned male, dark skin, eating, very dark skin, noodles, chopsticks, shirt, white hair, meme, holding chopsticks, holding, closed eyes, ramen, t-shirt, black shirt, creative, ballet slippers, multiple boys, baseball cap, glasses, ballet, looking at viewer, 2boys, explosion, action, power, energy, dynamic, worm's eye view, breasts, black bodysuit, character, furry, music, band, bass guitar, drums, performance, stage, concert, musician, bass, stage lighting, anthropomorphic wolf, drum, drum set, instrument, guitar, drumsticks, furry male, playing instrument, electric guitar, microphone, holding drumsticks, tank top, male focus, singing, multiple views, holding instrument, tattoo, speaker, wolf boy, scooters, scooter, vespa, transportation, multiple, motor vehicle, motorcycle, helmet, ..., vehicle focus, spoken ellipsis, marker \(medium\), artwork, comics, mary jane, marvel, comic art, man, bird's eye view, scarf, hands in pockets, sweater, jacket, brown hair, notebook, spider gwen, brooklyn bridge, comic, pop art, street art, wide angle, hand on own hip, figure drawing, green goblin, cartoon, anime, natural light, skirt, fedora, necktie, piercing, parody, black necktie, western comics \(style\), comic book characters, water tower, diffuse, line art, zelda, link, zelda breath of the wild, video game character, nintendo, zelda fanart, link fanart, n/a, 4, pointy ears, heart, jewelry, earrings, strapless dress, own hands together, bare shoulders, squatting, gloves, blush, braid, boots, strapless, armor, lion, guardian, komainu, mythical creature, temple, culture, japanese, asian, fantasy art, dragon, monster, head, folklore, brush, centipede, crocodile, cheetah, nature, wildlife, closed mouth, traditional , autograph, top down, cabbie hat, one eye closed, crossed arms, dated, travel journal, linear perspective, column, statue, comic book art, characters, visual art, page from sketchbook, ghostspider, george stacy, captain stacy, diffused, 3 people, 2 female, 1 male, closeup, multiple girls, 2girls, partially colored, year of the dragon, 2024, orange, close up, fantasy, dragon head, dragon drawing, red and blue drawing, pen drawing, sideview, instagram username, artist name, red eyes, horns, fire, monsters, creatures, humor, whimsical, rockstar, multiple viewpoints, yellow eyes, character name, robot arm, prosthetic arm, cyberpunk, futuristic, cyborg, anatomy study, character art, 1 female, side view, ponytail, mechanical arms, reference sheet, shorts, single mechanical arm, black sclera, scar, field, cow, bovine, flower, bell, collar, running, sketches, creature design, boy, friendly, front view, backwards hat, crying, tears, pants, hug, scared, example, fashion, linework, women, girls, men, children, twin braids, stuffed toy, shoes, stuffed animal, beanie, bag, pink background, 6+girls, teddy bear, beard, facial hair, holding stuffed toy, socks, sneakers, twintails, sleeveless, clothing, fashion illustration, people, style, menswear, pose, movement, long sleeves, sash, hand under clothes, facing away, navel, collared shirt, holding paper, faceless, from behind, arms up, interior, cafe, tables, chairs, starbucks, busy, social, casual, talking, working, relaxing, observer, slightly elevated, poster \(object\), plaid, chair, plaid shirt, doodle, black and white, tail, necklace, overalls, cat tail, cat ears, animal ears, holding phone, bow, striped shirt, phone, grin, sleeveless dress, frown, short sleeves, hair bow, gesture drawing, people sitting, people standing, multiple perspective, mustache, bowtie, formal, suit, copic markers, walking, hand in pocket, graphite \(medium\), fanart, the legend of zelda, breath of the wild, video game, link (the legend of zelda), weapon, sword, bow \(weapon\), quiver, shield, arrow \(projectile\), holding weapon, fingerless gloves, shield on back, fur trim, tunic, legend of zelda, front, everyday life, people watching, candid, newspaper, cup, holding newspaper, table, coffee cup, slippers, watercolor painting, bus interior, passengers, art supplies, public transportation, bus, daily life, warm, sunlight, artist, twopoint perspective, interior view

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