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Name: Pokemon renders




Created by: anaverageuserwoaj (@anaverageuserwoah)

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Created at: 2024-03-31T20:52:58.325Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:33.867Z

Tags of content: character, monster, cavern, cave, battle, fantasy, action, monster hunter, video game, bright, sunrise/sunset, magic, ambient, one, from above, worm's eye view, pokemon \(creature\), colored sclera, spikes, electricity, pants, black sclera, no humans, 1boy, red eyes, bird, blizzard, fight, snow mountain, mountain, sky, snow, genshin impact, ganyu, cryo, adeptus, yaksha, illuminated beast, qilin, snowstorm, liyue, diffuse, soft, daylight, human, child, aerial view, high angle, outdoors, water, day, white hair, boots, jacket, coat, tree, beak, hood down, flying, white feathers, standing, long sleeves, 1girl, fur trim, hood, white coat, pantyhose, feathers, black footwear, wings, pokemon, clouds, latias, latios, anime, natural, none, aerial, yellow eyes, cloud, blue sky, claws, closed mouth, cloudy sky, dragon, trainer, flight, adventure, mountainous, night, charizard, nighttime, magical, glowing, young adult, male, looking up, male focus, bag, brown footwear, brown hair, shoes, backpack, flame-tipped tail, running, red jacket, fire, short hair, egasumi, animal focus, sun, gradient background, illustration, ripples, waves, mythical creature, swimming, bird's eye view, solo, petals, afloat, motion, splashing, ocean, sea, seagulls, birds, wave, surfing, blurry, from below, wingull, drawing, outdoor, mantine, spray, splash, full body, infernape, fighting, blue eyes, open mouth, white background, signature, simple background, fangs, tongue, dated, furry, looking at viewer, waterfall, whirlwind, lugia, hooh, silver, overcast, pokemon trainer, low angle, dramatic, poke ball, red hair, holding poke ball, poke ball \(basic\), holding, black jacket, black pants, long hair, silver (pokemon), mega charizard x, mega mewtwo y, city, urban, mewtwo, mega evolution, artificial light, neon, blue fire, purple eyes, building, mega pokemon, tail, midair, shiny pokemon, horns, fan art, no. 249, sketch, top, side, front, blue background, fish, closed eyes, speech bubble, black eyes, smile, multiple views, man, creature, team, throne, dark, team rocket, boss, evil, power, ground type, spotlight, backlit, giovanni, leader, crossed legs, sitting, logo, team rocket uniform, watermark, couch, chair, pokemon battle, pikachu, electric attack, pidgeot, arcanine, forest, storm, rain, electric, lightning, backlighting, high contrast, ash ketchum, dynamic, hat, baseball cap, shirt, short sleeves, red headwear, jeans, blue pants, denim, grass, open jacket, open clothes, poke ball symbol, snowy forest, winter, trees, thirdperson, slightly elevated, health bar, beanie, gameplay mechanics, scarf, pink footwear, heads-up display, white headwear, winter clothes, nature, snowing, hair ornament, fake screenshot, black hair, dawn (pokemon), mountains, legendary pokemon, sunny, low angle shot

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