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Name: meltyrice




Created by: Grace (@graceful_dreams)

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Created at: 2024-04-13T18:15:03.228Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:43.545Z

Tags of content: 2d illustration, anime, fantasy, action, battle, swords, magic, light vs dark, female characters, abstract, energy effects, fire, lightning, anime girl, white hair, black hair, horns, swordsman, honkai impact 3rd, dramatic, high contrast, bright, glowing, two, women, slight low angle, multiple girls, 2girls, weapon, sword, long hair, holding sword, holding, holding weapon, purple eyes, gauntlets, thighhighs, purple hair, breasts, armor, electricity, bare shoulders, closed mouth, katana, cleavage, cloudy sky, hair ornament, ponytail, thigh boots, japanese armor, sky, blue eyes, gloves, boots, white thighhighs, cloud, very long hair, single gauntlet, hair between eyes, cape, outdoors, looking at viewer, raiden mei, drawing, character, indoor, dark, girl, bow, arrow, blue, white, silver, artificial, 1 person, side view, 1girl, solo, bow \(weapon\), blue hair, holding bow \(weapon\), detached sleeves, ahoge, backless outfit, back, waist cape, from behind, pantyhose, medium breasts, black pantyhose, black gloves, gold trim, bodystocking, drawing bow, white sleeves, goat horns, standing, bare back, tassel, thighlet, feet out of frame, low ponytail, ass, sideboob, leotard, looking back, leotard under clothes, flower knot, artist name, ganyu (genshin impact), clouds, ocean, daytime, white dress, blue sky, white doves, blonde hair, ocean view, soft, natural, 1 girl, low angle, looking up, hair flower, dress, flower, bird, short hair with long locks, white flower, hands on own chest, from side, yellow eyes, day, scarf, sleeveless dress, water, feathers, sidelocks, profile, sleeveless, white scarf, hands up, wind, lumine (genshin impact), woman, smoky, dark fantasy, magic sword, flowing dress, dynamic pose, chiaroscuro, low key, 1, dynamic, closeup, twintails, strapless dress, strapless, black dress, hair bun, floating hair, skirt hold, official alternate costume, cone hair bun, bug, butterfly, ribbon, clothes lift, black background, cowboy shot, blue dress, jewelry, dress lift, keqing (opulent splendor) (genshin impact), drawing anime female girl fictional character, beach ocean sky, blonde ponytail blue dress seagulls waves summer, bright natural light, hair bow, arms up, blue flower, shorts, smile, blue rose, rose, armpits, shirt, swimsuit, black bow, white shorts, beach, looking to the side, thighs, jean (genshin impact), illustration, female, kimono, parasol, cherry blossoms, night, pink hair, japanese clothing, traditional, beautiful, elegant, flowing, diffused, backlighting, umbrella, oil-paper umbrella, japanese clothes, animal ears, wide sleeves, fox ears, holding umbrella, earrings, petals, low-tied long hair, long sleeves, nontraditional miko, sitting, yae miko, game art, spear, two women, polearm, bridal gauntlets, obi, sash, obijime, obiage, purple kimono, holding polearm, large breasts, gohei, tomoe \(symbol\), mole, mole under eye, braid, okobo, mitsudomoe \(shape\), holding gohei, shoulder armor, floppy ears, naginata, [fantasy, female], [water], [witch hat, magic book, stars, bodysuit, thigh highs, flowing hair], [dim, magical], [woman, witch], [high angle], hat, witch hat, book, parted lips, choker, blue leotard, covered navel, open book, fur collar, elbow gloves, purple headwear, star \(symbol\), fur trim, black choker, holding book, star earrings, blue headwear, water drop, capelet, hand up, strapless leotard, blue cape, highleg leotard, highleg, mona (genshin impact)

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