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Name: Swordswomen




Created by: Grace (@graceful_dreams)

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Created at: 2024-04-15T19:04:42.778Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:44.135Z

Tags of content: character, weapon, anime, dark, fantasy, anime girl, demon girl, sword, scythe, horns, thigh highs, boots, dark fantasy, flowers, butterflies, dramatic, low key, girl, full body, 1girl, solo, black hair, long hair, thighhighs, flower, holding weapon, holding, thigh boots, dress, looking at viewer, white dress, breasts, hair ornament, holding sword, katana, purple eyes, black footwear, armor, black background, petals, red eyes, gauntlets, blue flower, 1 girl, bikini, sarong, outdoor, illustration, summer, beach, pink hair, flower crown, flowing hair, barefoot, soft, diffused, swimsuit, sandals, jewelry, head wreath, bracelet, hair flower, ass, transparent background, looking back, braid, anklet, purple hair, standing, armlet, white bikini, medium breasts, smile, very long hair, see-through, pink eyes, drawing, surreal, warrior, action, power, artificial, woman, low, shorts, grey hair, belt, from behind, short shorts, black shorts, female, fire, magic, volcanic, rocky, dangerous, manga, heroine, battle, vibrant, backlighting, 1, low angle, dynamic, skirt, navel, midriff, black skirt, cleavage, flaming weapon, cape, flaming sword, flag, game art, sky, clouds, knight, beauty, ethereal, elegant, ambient, rim lighting, young adult, fur trim, hat, gloves, coat, blue thighhighs, short dress, military, military uniform, garrison cap, ribbon, blue fire, sideboob, jacket on shoulders, long sleeves, uniform, jacket, side cutout, closed mouth, red ribbon, hair over one eye, high heel boots, single braid, hair between eyes, aiguillette, white coat, rapier, absurdly long hair, white hair, high heels, cloud, white background, 1 female, front view, necklace, thigh strap, armored boots, open jacket, cross, open clothes, black jacket, ahoge, character weapon sword fire, none, anime fantasy armor magic action pink hair, bright, woman girl, pantyhose, hairband, red footwear, white pantyhose, black hairband, hair ribbon, shield, game, red hair, blue eyes, staff, magical shield, magical, bow, clothing cutout, hair bow, white bow, white skirt, outdoors, swimwear, water, daylight, sunny, eye level, halo, mechanical halo, halterneck, alternate costume, blush, open mouth, ponytail, day, wet, swim ring, criss-cross halter, ocean, innertube, side-tie bikini bottom, recording, blue sky, stomach, alternate hairstyle, cowboy shot, collarbone, earrings, large breasts, red flower, :d, hand on own thigh, teeth, bare shoulders, floating hair, blue hair, viewfinder, yuuka (blue archive), abstract, powerful, red, white, black, spotlight, closeup, black gloves, twitter username, indoors, purple, blue, soft light, black choker, choker, crop top, blood, moon, violence, danger, sexy, highlights, red gloves, glowing, toes, feet, indoor, red and black, flower petals, studio lighting, asymmetrical gloves, elbow gloves, on one knee, black thighhighs, multicolored hair, black dress, tattoo, single glove, simple background, mismatched gloves, game character, white top, fighting pose, soft lighting, bandages, night, action pose, neon, glow, purple shorts, reflection, stars, water surface, night sky, moonlight, side view, 2girls, lying, detached sleeves, different reflection, multiple girls, upper body, purple gloves, single bare shoulder, videogame, honkai impact 3rd, herrscher of sentience, thighs, character design, artwork, white clothing, flowing fabric, backlit, rear view, half updo, facing away, back, thighhigh boots, body of water, digital art, nighttime, young woman, low angle view, closed eyes, asymmetrical footwear, battlefield, rain, blackhole, long white hair, stockings, dramatic lighting, red light, dynamic perspective, asymmetrical legwear, glass, chaotic, debris, chains, eclipse, anime girls, swords, contrasting, shadows, two female characters, elaborate clothing, weapons, chain, purple sleeves, forest, beautiful, tree, single thighhigh, falling petals, n/a, 1 person, slight low angle, fight, sunset, red sky, dynamic pose, strong, concept art, pants, black pants, worm's eye view, leg tattoo, sketch, portrait, sheath, drawing sword, sword anime purple warrior fantasy magic, dramatic vibrant, underwater, flow, white footwear, studio, samurai, fighter, black stockings, lying down, 1 woman, aerial, fingerless gloves, lightning, stormy, high contrast, streaked hair, headgear, red moon, full moon, huge moon, red theme, jingliu (honkai: star rail), cloudy, ruined, destruction, crow, planted, planted sword, umbrella, red umbrella, oil-paper umbrella, holding umbrella, destroyed city, apocalyptic, building, heterochromia, ruins, brown hair, copyright name, cloudy sky, yellow eyes, gradient hair, parted lips

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