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Name: Frank Liu




Created by: eq1 (@claigo)

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Created at: 2024-04-18T14:09:08.577Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:38.968Z

Tags of content: hsr, colourful, azur, hope, bright, train, water, drawing, illustration, beach, sky, vacation, summer, balloons, friendship, sunny, two girls, wide angle, multiple girls, 2girls, tied jacket, pink hair, balloon, jacket, skirt, shirt, white shirt, sitting, long hair, closed eyes, holding, fireworks, thigh strap, outdoors, shorts, choker, boots, blue skirt, medium hair, miniskirt, border, blue jacket, black choker, smile, ankle boots, standing, blue sky, green jacket, closed mouth, black footwear, holding balloon, brown hair, white border, moon, floating hair, blue eyes, long sleeves, arm up, gloves, full body, pleated skirt, bare legs, open clothes, march 7th (honkai: star rail), genshin, keqing , purple, cool , power, flower, jump , curvy , painting, anime, character, flowers, field, fantasy, flowing hair, dress, sword, warrior, ethereal, magical, whimsical, dreamy, soft, girl, female, worm's eye view, 1girl, solo, purple hair, weapon, pantyhose, hair bun, twintails, hair ornament, cone hair bun, holding weapon, holding sword, purple eyes, black pantyhose, purple dress, simple background, artist name, short sleeves, double bun, hair flower, keqing (genshin impact), kid icarus , smash bros , palutena, green , purple , dream , floating , shield , abstract, green hair, flowy dress, feathers, soft light, woman, aerial view, very long hair, high heels, thighhighs, strapless dress, bare shoulders, strapless, white background, white dress, character name, absurdly long hair, melancholia, blue, violet, composition, one girl, crying, manga, indoors, studio, crown, studio lighting, side view, hat, top hat, ahoge, blue headwear, white gloves, reflection, white hair, multicolored hair, socks, white socks, streaked hair, from side, ascot, furina (genshin impact), nge, eoe, rei, mysteria, figure beach sky ocean cloud, outdoors seashore, anime dreamlike ethereal fantasy pastel, soft natural daytime, lance of longinus \(evangelion\), blue hair, short hair, polearm, ocean, wading, dated, spear, horizon, day, sleeveless, sleeveless dress, sundress, joy, pink, red, character concept art, fantasy art, floral field, butterflies, magical staff, magic, sorceress, butterfly, anime character, low angle, bug, hat flower, plum blossoms, holding polearm, shoes, coat, brown footwear, coattails, black shorts, chinese clothes, black headwear, porkpie hat, red eyes, kneehighs, profile, tailcoat, hu tao (genshin impact), délicat, puella magia , contrast, bgless, night sky, starry, magic girl, floral, cosmic, starry night, dynamic, neon, vibrant, glowing, colorful, frontal view, slightly tilted, floating pose, puffy sleeves, red footwear, puffy short sleeves, bow, bow \(weapon\), magical girl, bubble skirt, rose, short twintails, pink rose, hair bow, sparkle, pink flower, pink dress, frills, white skirt, floating, pink ribbon, pink bow, black background, ribbon, holding bow \(weapon\), pink footwear, frilled skirt, kaname madoka, cool, genshin , black , grey, garden, dark, blood, gothic, elegant, dramatic, soft lighting, ambient light, x-shaped pupils, black dress, black hair, looking up, black gloves, black eyes, red pupils, fur trim, grey hair, low ponytail, looking at viewer, breasts, arlecchino (genshin impact)

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