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Name: Buttonniukoukou




Created by: Grace (@graceful_dreams)

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Created at: 2024-04-18T19:21:58.847Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:34.447Z

Tags of content: artwork, indoor, genshin impact, raiden shogun, yae miko, ambient, 2 females, side view, long hair, black hair, 2girls, tarot, multiple girls, dress, holding, twintails, mask, looking at viewer, holding mask, tarot \(medium\), red eyes, smile, flower, hair ornament, red dress, long sleeves, black dress, choker, jacket, red footwear, bow, socks, english text, ribbon, red ribbon, hairband, red bow, purple eyes, full body, skirt, detached sleeves, short sleeves, hair flower, spider lily, jewelry, very long hair, looking back, sparkle, gloves, fox mask, frills, closed mouth, japanese clothes, akemi homura, illustration, character, fantasy, bronya, video game, fanart, ambient lighting, 1 female, frontal, 1girl, grey hair, black gloves, drill hair, thigh boots, white dress, boots, elbow gloves, solo, grey eyes, pantyhose, hair between eyes, sitting, roman numeral, black footwear, kneeling, looking up, breasts, earrings, character name, parted lips, blue eyes, armor, crossed bangs, bronya rand, characters, mystical, elegant, stars, coins, vibrant, bright, 3 people, vertical, close up, multicolored hair, streaked hair, coin, red hair, short hair, white hair, upside-down, bare shoulders, colored inner hair, two-tone hair, high heels, thigh strap, fingerless gloves, video game art, stained glass window, honkai impact 3rd, seele vollerei, seele, stained glass, art nouveau, soft, ethereal, 2 female characters, closeup, scythe, holding scythe, butterfly, scarf, red armband, bug, purple hair, ahoge, weapon, shorts, open hand, open hands, holding weapon, star \(symbol\), black shorts, blue scarf, purple scarf, barefoot, purple butterfly, armband, seele (honkai: star rail), drawing, fan art, anime, girl, portrait, outdoors, blossom, soft lighting, women, female, front view, shoulder cutout, green eyes, brown hair, clothing cutout, green gloves, chinese clothes, branch, multiple views, white flower, green dress, blue dress, magical, glow, moon, purple, bird's eye view, forehead jewel, pink hair, constellation, bow-shaped hair, parted bangs, closed eyes, hair stick, tassel, constellation print, low twintails, hair rings, white pantyhose, arm up, magic, cryo, elemental power, soft light, 1 person, woman, blue hair, blue necktie, necktie, thighhighs, cape, yellow eyes, high-waist shorts, medium hair, black hairband, white sleeves, wide sleeves, black thighhighs, blue cape, leotard, vision \(genshin impact\), blue gloves, black leotard, sword, eula (genshin impact)

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