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Name: sun and moon collection




Created by: DuckBread (@duckbread0v0)

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Created at: 2024-04-23T14:49:36.668Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:35.083Z

Tags of content: woman, dog, moon, arrow, tree, forest, outdoors, diana, mythology, roman, goddess, huntress, crescent moon, hound, moonlight, nighttime, portrait, 1girl, fine art parody, arrow \(projectile\), solo, realistic, quiver, faux traditional media, bow \(weapon\), weapon, night, blonde hair, head rest, person, fashion, costume, headdress, makeup, runway, model, indoor, celestial, sun, studio lighting, two women, front view, black background, dress, mole, photo inset, multiple girls, halo, 2girls, long hair, red lips, looking at viewer, reference inset, mole under eye, upper body, crescent, yellow dress, crown, gold, interior, ornate, archway, golden, regal, elegant, powerful, dramatic, studio, artificial, low angle, statue, arms up, 1boy, parody, nude, indoors, closed mouth, multiple boys, male focus, 2boys, black hair, toga, sitting, facial hair, robe, bald, stars, clouds, sky, fantasy, ethereal, dreamy, front, underwater, mermaid, closed eyes, very long hair, monster girl, white hair, floating hair, breasts, water, air bubble, completely nude, submerged, bubble, bow and arrow, river, nature, greek mythology, artemis, wilderness, natural, soft, outdoor, eye level, brown hair, holding, asian, holding weapon, holding bow \(weapon\), short hair, painting, symbolism, art, closeup, japanese clothes, crescent hair ornament, hair ornament, rock, hot spring, geothermal, turquoise, orange, mineral deposit, yellowstone national park, daylight, aerial view, no humans, traditional media, waves, scenery, ocean, painting \(medium\), chart, color, complimentary, combination, scheme, palette, design, graphic, creative, visual, web, infographic, guide, reference, tool, resource, tips, ideas, english text, white background, simple background, meme, rainbow gradient, color wheel, color theory, primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, complementary colors, analogous colors, triadic colors, tetradic colors, top view, round image, circle, still life, drawing, illustration, fantasy art, character design, stage, love, romance, singing, performance, magical, couple, elf, sorcerer, starlight, galaxy, whimsical, glamorous, artificial light, spotlight, two people, man, pointy ears, music, earrings, jewelry, dark skin, open mouth, very dark skin, dark-skinned male, ponytail, bare shoulders, shorts, shirt, denim, denim shorts, white shirt, looking at another, t-shirt, barefoot, black shirt, short shorts, short sleeves, chair, stool, photorealistic, grass, women, black skirt, red hair, braid, natural light, soft light, lying, rotational symmetry, skirt, on back, kitchen, home, intimacy, affection, connection, relationship, romantic, moment, soft lighting, yaoi, tank top, watch, imminent kiss, from side, undercut, very short hair, white tank top, forehead-to-forehead, wristwatch, window, eye contact, bara, mannequin head, hair, eyelevel, grey background, facing viewer, mythical, horns, goblet, fake horns, hat, horned helmet, sculpture, history, museum, cornucopia, ancient, sword, full body, monochrome, standing, see-through, moths, night sky, art nouveau, tarot card, feminine, mystery, intuition, dreams, subconscious, cycles, frontal, tarot \(medium\), flower, tarot, hair flower, strapless dress, strapless, white dress, bug, greek, selene, underwear, panties, archery, ancient greece, beauty, lips, mountain, trees, lake, landscape, fall, autumn, reflection, yellow, blue, sunny, [], wide angle, cloud, vintage, aesthetic, red dress, bright, 2, pink dress, long sleeves, puffy sleeves, pants, sketch, figure, human, male, anatomy, abstract, duality, light and dark, good and evil, 1, dated, nipples, border, greyscale, solar, deity, mythological, side view, brown eyes, bodysuit, graphic design, food focus, food, digital art, color palette, teal, inspiration, text focus, artist name, wheel, red, green, violet, primary, secondary, tertiary, theory, photograph, beach, sunset, vibrant, warm, cool, golden hour, orange sky, horizon, evening, door, hug, hand on own hip, cropped legs, navel, pose, n/a, couples, poses, drawing reference, art reference, hetero, kiss, heart, faceless, ass, medium breasts, watermark, faceless male, classical, ambient light, two men, kneeling, 2others, seiza, glasses, hand on another's head, oral, implied fellatio, side, yellow background, lighting reference, tutorial, lighting angles, portrait drawing, figure drawing, art fundamentals, value study, directional, rembrandt lighting, butterfly lighting, split lighting, loop lighting, straight on, sports bra, small breasts, comparison, cleavage, headpiece, accessory, style, photoshoot, unique, handmade, craftsmanship, tassel, white skin, blonde, looking to the side, marble, sandals, greco-roman clothes, bust, female, sleep, mortal, chiaroscuro, endymion, selene (luna), shawl, lines, shape, blue background, monochromatic colors, complementary, analogous, monochromatic, tints, shades, top down, how to, color guide, pokemon \(creature\), rainbow order, character, oni, kimono, death, sickle, profile, single hair bun, hair bun, glowing, bracelet, necklace, hoop earrings, universe, backlit, divine light, 1 person, adult, sunburst, black skin, colored skin, covered face, white robe, orange background, muscular male, line art, minimalism, ambient, hand on another's chest, body, hug from behind, feet, cosplay, historical, lace, smile, historical costume, reenactment, veil, curtains, grin, hand on own chest, teeth, ancient rome, hand up, people, portraits, ancient greek, hairstyles, headwear, culture, 9, multiple views, collarbone, headband, dark-skinned female, mirror, selfportrait, hooded, pearls, cinematic, low light, hood, white, armor, armlet, hera, shadow, drapery, staff, pregnant, holding staff, instagram username

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