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Name: Artifacts




Created by: wr_t_3r (@wr_t_3r)

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Created at: 2024-04-25T12:15:14.492Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:59.752Z

Tags of content: jewelry, ancient egyptian, artifacts, gold, enamel, amulets, pectoral, necklace, bracelet, museum display, ancient egypt, tutankhamun, pharaoh, tomb, treasure, burial, afterlife, artificial, even, none, straight on, flat lay, no humans, brown background, blue eyes, artifact, crown, ancient, museum, gold diadem, greek, hellenistic period, third to second century b.c., indoor, front, traditional media, wings, solo, still life, simple background, jewellery, ancient greek, tiara, eye level, table, shadow, cake, indoors, food, food focus, blurry, web address, realistic, watermark, studio, buddhist, red, beads, studio lighting, black background, ornament, round, circular, metal, jewel, antiquity, archaeological, science fiction, spacecraft, cultural, historic, broach, egyptian, metalwork, religious, sacred, statue, bird, pendant, animal focus, animal, monochrome, duck, earring, gemstone, woman, front view, rope, historical artifact, too many, bone

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