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Name: anime style collection




Created by: urrushi (@urrushi)

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Created at: 2024-04-28T03:53:44.919Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:50.418Z

Tags of content: anime fantasy group journey, beach flowers overcast sky, soft natural, 6 characters, slightly low angle palette: #f2f2f2 #d1d1d1 #aeaeae #8f8f8f #737373, multiple girls, multiple boys, purple hair, white capelet, red hair, field, white dress, twintails, elf, long hair, dress, purple eyes, pointy ears, short hair, coat, capelet, flower field, closed eyes, 3boys, white hair, long sleeves, holding, outdoors, bandages, walking, black coat, petals, straight hair, black hair, gloves, pantyhose, floating hair, white cloak, boots, bandaged arm, shirt, pants, blue hair, white skirt, standing, 2girls, red coat, wind, jewelry, cloak, belt, grey hair, black pants, skirt, arm up, jacket, flower, red jacket, closed mouth, earrings, robe, black pantyhose, bag, 2boys, footprints, black shirt, sidelocks, facing away, multicolored hair, day, 4boys, 3girls, blunt bangs, stark (sousou no frieren), 1girl, swimsuit, solo, animal ears, bikini, official alternate costume, halo, cat ears, black bikini, red eyes, frilled bikini, navel, frills, animal ear fluff, blush, looking to the side, stomach, sitting, hair between eyes, bikini skirt, collarbone, bare shoulders, arms behind back, breasts, small breasts, from above, serika (blue archive), girl, books, butterflies, sword, magic, fantasy, anime, illustration, art, castle, ruins, balcony, fantasy art, magical girl, anime girl, purple aesthetic, dreamlike, ethereal, soft, diffused, natural, side view, looking down, butterfly, bug, staff, blue butterfly, looking at viewer, holding staff, book, mage staff, profile, from side, hair ornament, black robe, book stack, hood, indoors, butterfly hair ornament, fern (sousou no frieren), portrait, dark background, abstract, green hair, ponytail, black outfit, mysterious, dramatic, lowkey, 1 girl, slightly low angle, upper body, parted lips, hoodie, hood down, black background, black hoodie, kido tsubomi, blonde hair, barefoot, strap slip, yellow eyes, white background, shorts, simple background, toes, feet, full body, very long hair, indian style, legs, toenails, bare legs, shadow, midriff, hands on feet, camisole, short shorts, own hands together, oshino shinobu, drawing, indoor, bedroom, angel, cute, manga, pillow, sleepwear, closeup, hugging object, pillow hug, mechanical halo, blue shirt, pajamas, blue pajamas, hairband, white hairband, short sleeves, alternate costume, yuuka (blue archive)

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