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Name: 15907300wer




Created by: Grace (@graceful_dreams)

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Created at: 2024-05-01T20:55:11.126Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:45.870Z

Tags of content: drawing, sketch, concept art, character design, fashion design, anime, manga, n/a, anime girl, green hair, black dress, tulle dress, green trim, black gloves, garter belt, thigh highs, high heels, girl, female, front, back, 1girl, gloves, multiple views, short hair with long locks, dress, half gloves, see-through, simple background, hair ornament, black footwear, full body, thigh strap, underwear, hair flower, flower, see-through dress, white background, ribbon, grey background, sidelocks, panties, closed mouth, standing, character, fantasy, action, none, genshin impact, raiden shogun, baal, electro archon, sword, attack, soft, glowing, diffused, 1 female, frontal, closeup, solo, weapon, long hair, holding weapon, ponytail, holding, bare shoulders, holding sword, breasts, yellow eyes, gauntlets, thighhighs, armor, hair between eyes, white dress, cleavage, white hair, kiana kaslana, battle, confrontation, soldiers, military, rainy, dock, pier, ocean, lighthouse, stormy, storm, rain, dramatic, dark, shadowy, spotlit, many soldiers, one central female character, wideangle, ground level, slightly tilted upwards, letterboxed, multiple boys, lamppost, multiple girls, outdoors, hat, sky, 6+boys, umbrella, blue hair, very long hair, gun, underwater, mermaid, queen, crown, magic, ambient, side view, monochrome, e.g.o \(project moon\), greyscale, 1other, spot color, bubble, polearm, pants, wings, halo, city, futuristic, urban, night, angel, warrior, artificial light, backlighting, young woman, aerial view, dynamic, mechanical wings, city lights, white halo, grey eyes, flying, mechanical halo, braid, staff, holding staff, garrison cap, cityscape, floating, long sleeves, white headwear, braided bun, multiple wings, grey hair, blurry, video game, female character, bow, front view, back view, hairband, faceless, green dress, medium hair, black skirt, multicolored hair, skirt, short sleeves, black hairband, clothing cutout, crows, friends, characters, bridge, walkway, railing, flight, day, 3, worm's eye view, 2girls, pink hair, 1boy, bubble blowing, chewing gum, bird, sitting, jacket, red jacket, hair ribbon, green eyes, black ribbon, mole, two side up, shorts, twintails, shoes, short hair, dark skin, crop top, character concept art, fashion, clothing, outfit, design, studio lighting, socks, purple eyes, looking at viewer, puffy sleeves, black socks, black bow, kneehighs, detached sleeves, single sock, off shoulder, off-shoulder dress, puffy short sleeves, frills, gradient hair, choker, asymmetrical legwear, illustration, white outfit, ethereal, red eyes, flowing hair, soft lighting, diffuse, jewelry, earrings, weibo logo, weibo username, parted lips, one eye closed, pink eyes, upper body, black hair, portrait, garden, ruins, blue dress, sandals, flowers, adventure, natural, daytime, rear view, white flower, closed eyes, boots, grass, bag, white coat, coat, walking, ankle boots

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