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Created by: quilo (@erik)

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Created at: 2024-05-04T19:25:59.187Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:55.797Z

Tags of content: woman, bicycle, streetwear, sunny day, street, tropical, outdoors, natural light, sunny, female, eye level, 1girl, tree, solo, shorts, hair bun, road, day, shoes, shadow, palm tree, hand on own hip, single hair bun, sky, sneakers, shirt, white footwear, white shorts, brown hair, photorealistic, white shirt, standing, traditional media, long sleeves, blue sky, cloud, [adventure, fantasy, journey], [mountain, valley, forest, waterfalls, clouds, castle], [legend of zelda, link, hyrule, breath of the wild, tears of the kingdom], [daylight, sunny], [woman], [eye level], 1boy, blonde hair, scenery, long hair, pointy ears, mountain, boots, from behind, waterfall, cliff, male focus, brown footwear, champion's tunic \(zelda\), water, floating island, castle, knee boots, facing away, bird, gloves, weapon, landscape, wide shot, cloudy sky, mountainous horizon, weapon on back, sunset, beach, sea, waves, outdoor, black and white, monochrome, photography, natural, lowkey, wideangle, greyscale, no humans, ocean, horizon, shore, sun, bike riding, field, girl, evening, nature, cycling, golden hour, side view, hood, riding bicycle, pants, riding, hoodie, twilight, black pants, jacket, hood down, bridge, black hair, drawing, sketch, n/a, pose, reference, tutorial, art, artist, how to draw, anatomy, figure drawing, body, female body, proportions, women, front view, joints, grey background, multiple views, high heels, simple background, reference sheet, robot, ass, robot joints, full body

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