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collection cover image for Naruto

Name: Naruto



Tags: manga

Created by: UrbaN_ (@urbans_)

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Created at: 2024-05-08T03:03:58.847Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:56.130Z

Tags of content: drawing, sketch, manga, anime, indoor, studio, naruto, ninja, headband, konoha, smile, happy, well lit, evenly lit, naruto uzumaki, side view, portrait, 1boy, monochrome, male focus, solo, greyscale, tongue, tongue out, closed eyes, spiked hair, black background, forehead protector, simple background, :p, long sleeves, whisker markings, facial mark, upper body, jacket, city, rooftops, mountain, urban, mountainous, daytime, return, nostalgia, familiarity, home, journey, bright, high contrast, aerial, english text, comic, building, weapon, outdoors, cloud, multiple boys, speech bubble, boots, sasuke, sakura, team 7, friendship, bond, strength, power, 3 people, eye level, 1girl, 2boys, short hair, clenched hand, grin, looking at viewer, white background, fist bump, hairband, uchiha sasuke, illustration, characters, group, village, buildings, sky, kakashi, hidden leaf village, black and white, low angle, 3boys, power lines, mask, konohagakure symbol, teeth, mouth mask, cartoon, street, trees, daylight, sakura haruno, sasuke uchiha, kakashi hatake, blonde hair, pink hair, black hair, bag, backpack, tree, day, green eyes, one eye closed, open mouth, short sleeves, black eyes, blue eyes, blue shirt, gloves, red shirt, shirt, looking back, cloudy sky, blue sky, leaning forward, red dress, closed mouth, blue headband, long hair, border, traditional media, standing, pants, cover, comic book cover, cluttered room, messy, scrolls, books, shonen jump, masashi kishimoto, volume 35, artificial, eyelevel, slight low angle, scroll, book, book stack, sitting, orange pants, sandals, bookshelf, indian style, cover page, copyright name, black footwear, uzumaki naruto, outdoor, natural lighting, 4 people, hair over one eye, fingerless gloves, navel, grey hair, cloak, bracelet, jewelry, cape, hand on another's shoulder, crossed arms, shonen, frontal, finger to mouth, none, gaara, jinchuriki, shukaku, transformation, male, close up, black sclera, colored sclera, crack, trembling, cracked skin, blood, character, girl, child, comics, injured, sad, wounded, emotional, dramatic, female, injury, bruise, bandages, blood from mouth, blood on face, action, night, bird'seye, from behind, castle, battle, rubble, fight, final valley, six paths sage mode, rinnegan, sharingan, medium shot, holding weapon, sword, holding, clouds, adventure, sharp shadows, boy, orange jumpsuit, parody, kunai, jumpsuit, mouth hold, bird, 4, ninja mask, white hair, ^_^, clenched teeth, haruno sakura, mature female, forehead mark, japanese clothes, breasts, crystal, kimono, cleavage, angry, large breasts, necklace, collarbone, short eyebrows, sash, tsunade (naruto), cityscape, ruins, stormy, lightning, uchiha, madara, storm, cloaked figure, hood, hood up, rain, destruction, destroyed buildings, smoke, cliffs, anime character, aerial view, bird'seye view, scenery, from above, road, river, gakuran, school uniform, crying, man, tears, interior, room, library, studying, bored, tired, orange, black, natural, high angle, lantern, indoors, head rest, daruma doll

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