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Name: asteroid_ill




Created by: Grace (@graceful_dreams)

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Created at: 2024-05-12T18:31:09.170Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:48.010Z

Tags of content: character, sword, action, mountain, snow, battlefield, fantasy, anime, battle, warrior, high contrast, backlight, woman, wide angle, 1girl, weapon, holding weapon, long hair, holding sword, holding, white hair, red eyes, solo, red pantyhose, outdoors, grass, standing, boots, jacket, pantyhose, looking at viewer, sky, dragon, cloudy sky, light rays, full body, cloud, shirt, hairband, pants, tree, torn clothes, illustration, concept art, winter, night, forest, temple, japan, mask, katana, low key, dramatic, warm, samurai, eye level, fox mask, japanese clothes, scenery, black hair, lantern, hakama, miko, torii, geta, skirt, stairs, stone lantern, mask on head, shrine, wide sleeves, long sleeves, east asian architecture, hakama skirt, wide shot, architecture, multiple girls, kimono, building, short hair, sandals, tentacles, rain, video game, stone balcony, gothic, dark, ambient light, third person, health bar, heads-up display, blonde hair, user interface, fake screenshot, neon trim, bird, capelet, gameplay mechanics, railing, very long hair, letterboxed, sunset, neon lights, science fiction, water, horizon, from behind, floating, apocalyptic, cityscape, destroyed city, girl, dystopia, destruction, ruins, soft, overcast, 1 person, grey hair, halo, dated, blue eyes, open clothes, digital art, fan art, postapocalyptic, urban, destroyed, hatsune miku, scythe, twintails, black boots, white jacket, futuristic, female, thighhighs, holding scythe, black footwear, single thighhigh, aqua hair, necktie, open jacket, asymmetrical legwear, aqua eyes, reflection, pink thighhighs, city, shorts, pink ribbon, purple thighhighs, skyscraper, hood, white shirt, character weapon cityscape ruins smoke, urban dystopian destroyed, cyberpunk postapocalyptic scifi anime futuristic action, atmospheric dark, low angle, fire, black jacket, embers, gun, gloves, holding gun, black pantyhose, closed mouth, coat, animal ears, wolf ears, cigarette, holding cigarette, black gloves, multicolored hair, black capelet, animal ear fluff, fingerless gloves, black shorts, tail, red hair, id card, window, smoke, smoking, day, wolf girl, wolf tail, texas (arknights)

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