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Name: anime referances




Created by: !MiNex (@_m_i_n_e_x_)

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Created at: 2024-05-14T12:38:13.878Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:48.305Z

Tags of content: portrait, anime, n/a, girl, cute, blue eyes, twin tails, soft, female, frontal, 1girl, solo, twintails, looking at viewer, hat, white background, simple background, twin drills, drill hair, blonde hair, long hair, dress, white dress, smile, upper body, closed mouth, detached collar, white headwear, barbara (genshin impact), illustration, indoor, anime girl, brown hair, green eyes, purple hat, witch hat, blue rose, lace, soft lighting, woman, closeup, flower, purple headwear, rose, black background, purple flower, hair flower, hat flower, breasts, hair ornament, purple rose, cleavage, jewelry, blue flower, hair between eyes, lisa (genshin impact), indoors, room, drawing, blue hair, braid, white shirt, studio lighting, shirt, hair over shoulder, lips, single braid, collared shirt, pink background, male, art, soft light, man, boy, side view, 1boy, male focus, earrings, grey background, black shirt, short hair, purple hair, profile, black eyes, sketch, line art, manga, outdoor, beautiful, wind, flowing hair, monochrome, greyscale, short sleeves, floating hair, parted lips, blush, from side, looking to the side, character design, hair, hairstyle, facial expression, eyes, sword, katana, japanese sword, front, side, 3/4, weapon, multiple views, ..., expressions, open mouth, ^^^, spoken ellipsis, collarbone, reference sheet, hairclip, sidelocks, knife, expressionless, :o, cropped shoulders

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