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Name: fubuki




Created by: Orange Sago Cream (@orangesagocream)

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Created at: 2024-05-24T19:43:51.757Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:53.996Z

Tags of content: 1girl, virtual youtuber, animal ears, tail, fox tail, solo, fox ears, fox girl, single thighhigh, thighhighs, black shorts, ahoge, shorts, detached sleeves, long hair, white hair, braid, thigh strap, neckerchief, black thighhighs, looking at viewer, simple background, blue neckerchief, white background, full body, hood, black footwear, navel, short shorts, hair between eyes, hoodie, sidelocks, animal ear fluff, single braid, pentagram, white hoodie, breasts, boots, earrings, side braid, midriff, small breasts, green eyes, blush, jewelry, aqua eyes, smile, fold-over boots, standing, closed mouth, front slit, single earring, shirakami fubuki, drawing, illustration, 2d art, anime, manga, girl, female character, anime girl, cat ears, sailor outfit, cute, playful, soft lighting, 1 girl, closeup, portrait, fox shadow puppet, medium breasts, lying, cat, indoors, home, tabby, silver tabby, lying down, relaxed, pet, animal, bright, natural light, none, high angle, no humans, animal focus, realistic, on back, photorealistic, books, shelf, sleep, library, cozy, nap, literature, reading, relaxation, white, brown, orange, soft, eyelevel, sleeping, closed eyes, outdoors, peaceful, nature, sunlight, calico, sunny, blurry, blurry background, tree, day, indoor / outdoor (unknown), black tights, white shirt, green skirt, front view, official alternate costume, pantyhose, skirt, hat, black headwear, beret, shirt, black pantyhose, frilled skirt, bow, long sleeves, tachi-e, white bow, frills, very long hair, collarbone, low ponytail, wide sleeves, pleated skirt, ribbon, hair bow, black bow, arms at sides, blouse, black skirt, hair ribbon, person, woman, pillow, bed, eye mask, bedroom, silk, satin, comfortable, luxury, lifestyle, wellness, indoor, eye level, hugging object, pillow hug, mole, brown hair, lips, black hair, sleep mask, mole under mouth, hug, on side, woman sleeping, comfort, rest, linens, bedding, blonde hair, short hair, on bed, blanket, bare shoulders, under covers, upper body, livestream, game, vtuber, chat, artificial, one female, eye levelpalette: #e1e5f2, #ffffff, #adb5bd, #98c1d9, #293241, burger, multiple girls, english text, food, cheese, red hair, purple hair, window, tentacle hair, mouse ears, french fries, television, 3girls, sitting, mouse girl, table, holding, meme, pointy ears, blunt bangs, multicolored hair, orange hair, crown, cup, holding food, monitor, eating, open mouth, purple eyes, ninomae ina'nis, hamburger, cheeseburger, beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, sesame seed bun, front, food focus, still life, sandwich, meat

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