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Name: generns




Created by: Jay (@jaynmagoi)

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Created at: 2024-05-26T14:08:30.920Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:54.336Z

Tags of content: selfie, indoor, fashion, style, beauty, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, rings, necklace, black dress, black nails, edgy, cool, selfportrait, trendy, soft lighting, 1 person, young woman, high angle, 1girl, solo, ring, mole, black hair, mole under eye, white background, looking at viewer, simple background, cross, black eyes, nail polish, realistic, blunt bangs, sidelocks, leaning forward, cross necklace, sleeveless, pants, lips, tank top, multiple rings, black pants, breasts, skirt, from below, school uniform, socks, long hair, shoes, jacket, from behind, pleated skirt, loose socks, indoors, mask, standing, white footwear, white socks, rifle, grey skirt, mouth mask, looking back, standing on one leg, sneakers, long sleeves, woman, costume, tree, park, outdoors, sunny day, cosplay, bunny girl, cute, summer, japanese, natural light, bright, sunny, eye level, short hair, blurry, midriff, blurry background, crop top, brown hair, blue skirt, shirt, day, k-pop, blue shirt, photorealistic, short sleeves, bob cut, cropped shirt, solo focus, portrait, bob haircut, glasses, cardigan, bracelet, lip gloss, youthful, korean fashion, soft, natural, girl, eyelevel, asian, round eyewear, closed eyes, white shirt, upper body, small breasts, nose, thighhighs, phone, bow, hair bow, cellphone, taking picture, smartphone, holding phone, apron, pink bow, frills, pink skirt, holding, wooden floor, white thighhighs, on one knee, full body, print shirt, hair ornament, ribbon, pink footwear, pink apron, animal ears, pantyhose, rabbit ears, playboy bunny, fishnets, wrist cuffs, fishnet pantyhose, ass, tail, fake animal ears, leotard, rabbit tail, hair over shoulder, braid, smile, earrings, strapless leotard, strapless, blue leotard, bare shoulders, plant, arms up, feet out of frame, emoji, sitting, t-shirt, bare legs, smiley face, nature, leaf, jungle, fern, covered face, dark skin, dress, dark-skinned female, brown eyes, white dress, short dress, bed, head tilt, shorts, navel, white shorts, short shorts, photo inset, cowboy shot, finger in own mouth, arm behind back, camisole, selfie woman beach ocean sunset flexing, beach, beach body vacation travel fitness sunset vibes summer fun happy, natural light sunset, eyewear on head, ocean, cloud, seashell, sunglasses, sky, flexing, armpits, cleavage, white pants, shell, cloudy sky, medium breasts, closed mouth, sand, water, palm tree, swimsuit, bikini, photo background, pool, adjusting hair, back, tying hair, barcode, tattoo, ponytail, one-piece swimsuit, profile, serafuku, loafers, black footwear, kneehighs, squatting, road, neckerchief, stairs, classroom, chalkboard, desk, school desk, sailor collar, chair, stretching, blue sailor collar, mouth hold, hair tie in mouth, hair tie, plaid, plaid skirt, bowtie, sleeves rolled up, dress shirt, collared shirt, photograph, school, schoolgirl, uniform, happy, playful, female, student, weibo logo, twintails, weibo username, blazer, school chair, black jacket, parody, necktie, watermark, traditional media, blue necktie, fine art parody, black skirt, own hands together, depth of field, soles, feet, full shot, lifestyle, urban, street, sidewalk, cherry blossom tree, japanese school uniform, backpack, pigtails, cherry blossoms, spring, posing, soft light, daytime, bag, brown footwear, motor vehicle, black socks, building, school bag, multiple boys, train, school girl, japan, reading, public transport, blue neckerchief, train interior, street photography, japanese schoolgirl, black tights, winter fashion, street style, overcast, pedestrians, walking, surgical mask, multiple girls, striped necktie, outfit, subway, subway car, commute, ootd, asian fashion, chinese fashion, pandemic, social media, chic, preppy, artificial, green jacket, hairband, white mask, 2girls, curtains, grey jacket, mirror, black thighhighs, zettai ryouiki, miniskirt, over-kneehighs, reflection, window, arm support, outdoor, garden setting, sailor uniform, youth, warm, grin, blue serafuku, white neckerchief, teeth, hand on own chin, black shirt, head out of frame, thighs, black serafuku, sleeves past wrists, black camisole, couch, grey background, boa hancock, teen, mirror selfie, aesthetic, grunge, y2k, gen z, futanari masturbation, masturbation, censored, penis, motion blur, futanari, loli, hairclip, yokozuwari, male masturbation, blur censor, erection, mosaic censoring, skirt lift, on floor, lying, on back, grass, sweater, on ground, brown skirt, car interior, wedding dress, barefoot, comic, strapless dress, veil, bridal veil, yellow bikini, large breasts, collarbone, on side, pillar, bottomless, parted lips, sunlight, blue eyes, dappled sunlight, white bikini, towel, side-tie bikini bottom, arm behind head, arm up, poolside, red bikini, wet, orange bikini, toes, bra, underwear, panties, freckles, red panties, red bra, stomach, underwear only, white bra, white panties, bathtub, see-through, hand focus, close-up, out of frame, holding hands, bed sheet, fingernails, foot focus, interlocked fingers, hand on own head, pillow, on bed, striped clothes, striped shirt, no pants, on stomach, the pose, sleeping, afloat, partially submerged, waves, woman girl, closeup, flower, wet hair, holding flower, eyelashes, pink flower, pink nails, facing viewer, maid headdress, cherry, maid, fruit, food, bicycle, blue bikini, riding, halterneck, flat chest, japanese clothes, kimono, downblouse, floral print, yukata, no bra, sash, print kimono, white kimono, open clothes, legs, hat, gloves, boots, bikini top only, fingerless gloves, cowboy hat, fishnet thighhighs, belt, garter straps, leather, tiara, ballerina, ballet slippers, tutu, pearl necklace, white gloves, crown, nipples, nude, completely nude, against wall, blue nails, from side, artist name, heart cutout, clothing cutout, pink thighhighs, cleavage cutout, cage, white apron, birdcage, detached collar, maid apron, bridal garter, bear ears, frilled apron, waist apron, male focus, blonde hair, maid outfit, room, anime, low angle, hair bun, potted plant, thong, bench, tshirt, casual wear, summer fashion, outdoor portrait, model, asian woman, relaxed pose, shadows, dappled light, denim, raglan sleeves, medium hair, jeans, swimming pool, resort, vacation, fun, tropical, swimwear, travel, leisure, energetic, umbrella, pink bikini, blue sky, elbow gloves, photo, collage, lake, enjoyment, daylight, wading, bottle, water bottle, holding bottle, sailor, natural lighting, uranohoshi school uniform, swim ring, innertube, hand on own hip, hose, crossed legs, watercraft, boat, futuristic, technology, cyberpunk, studio, digital background, futuristic fashion, scifi, cyborg, manga, japanese culture, bodysuit, high heels, white hair, headphones, gun, weapon, digital art, full body shot, science fiction, platform footwear, cable, scissor blade \(kill la kill\), 2boys, siblings, suspenders, kiryuuin satsuki, character, sunset, torii gate, genshin impact, yae miko, japanese shrine, water reflection, warm light, 1 female, torii, detached sleeves, wide sleeves, red bow, sandals, obi, hand fan, red dress, red kimono, graph, outside, pink, blue, white, red, hair, otonokizaka school uniform, \m/, double \m/, winter uniform, yazawa nico, book, bookshelf, home, library, relaxed, comfortable, sleeveless shirt, railing, leaning, short skirt, thigh highs, red bag, indoor lighting, slightly low angle, red neckerchief, blush, female masturbation

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