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Name: Personajes




Created by: baku (@baku)

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Created at: 2024-05-29T17:53:54.403Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:49.241Z

Tags of content: character concept art, female character, fantasy character, warrior, nature magic, postapocalyptic, n/a, fantasy, magic, nature, roots, vines, mask, flowers, gun, holster, soft lighting, woman, full body, slight low angle, weapon, 1girl, holding gun, holding weapon, holding, belt, hood, standing, handgun, hood up, sketch, solo, multiple views, looking at viewer, pelvic curtain, barefoot, pouch, flower, fantasy illustration, swords, blood magic, simple background, swordsman, knight, armored, battle, action, mystical, dark fantasy, concept art, illustration, digital art, flat lighting, 1 person, front view, armor, floating, 1other, shoulder armor, gauntlets, helmet, pauldrons, 1boy, helm, impaled, male focus, full armor, bald, polearm, sword, ambiguous gender, female warrior, mace, flail, chains, spikes, crown, dark, gothic, horror, fantasy art, studio lighting, 1 woman, full shot, gloves, chain, grey background, red hair, black gloves, cape, holding sword, braid, torn clothes, puffy sleeves, boots, holding whip, short sleeves, torn cape, puffy short sleeves, long hair, corset, thigh boots, torn, none, wizard, spell, medieval, character design, sorcerer, full body shot, hat, no humans, glowing, blue headwear, wide sleeves, wizard hat, rope, scroll, glowing eyes, drawing, crown of thorns, full figure, dual wielding, closed mouth, covered eyes, waist cape, breastplate, character concept, male, white background, assassin, middle eastern, man, pants, reference inset, knife, dagger, holding dagger, midriff, navel, personification, jewelry, black pants, black hair, arabian clothes, holding knife, crop top, artist name, character art, spear, combat, pose, dynamic, painting, holding polearm, greaves, plume, armored boots, vambraces, fur trim, character sheet, world war i, apocalypse, motorcycle, soldier, military, female soldier, side view, 3/4 view, monochrome, greyscale, motor vehicle, glasses, multiple boys, jacket, coat, bicycle

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