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Name: Armaduras




Created by: baku (@baku)

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Created at: 2024-05-29T17:55:27.545Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:58.869Z

Tags of content: person, text, clothing, weapon, knight, middle ages, warrior, armor, sword, chivalry, history, medieval, soldier, battle, combat, design, character, illustration, front, shield, holding, holding weapon, solo, holding sword, holding shield, white background, gauntlets, simple background, helmet, english text, 1boy, full body, cross, pauldrons, full armor, shoulder armor, 1other, armored boots, male focus, rapier, greaves, boots, cape, woman, n/a, soft lighting, female, 1girl, standing, hat, hand on own hip, looking at viewer, brown hair, puffy sleeves, puffy shorts, shorts, hand on hilt, long sleeves, hat feather, long hair, plume, breastplate, closed mouth, planted, smile, pantyhose, puffy long sleeves, white pantyhose, brown eyes, planted sword, puff and slash sleeves, belt, red ribbon, ribbon, black footwear, shirt, neck ribbon, character concept art, axe, crossbow, bow and arrow, concept art, character design, fantasy, studio lighting, multiple warriors, knights, front view, multiple boys, 6+boys, polearm, grey background, holding polearm, chainmail, bow \(weapon\), sheath, surcoat, mace, none, soft light, full shot, over shoulder, weapon over shoulder, ambiguous gender, helm, faulds, character concept, character sheet, character art, video game art, rpg, concept, side view, 3/4 view, orange hair, multiple views, short hair, plate armor, multiple girls, man, cloak, dirt, dirt ground, front lighting, slightly low angle, red cape, gloves, pouch, brown gloves, brown footwear, pants, covered face, belt pouch, torn clothes, tabard, torn cape, facing viewer, brown belt, fantasy illustration, full figure, arrow \(projectile\), dark fantasy, plague doctor, desolate landscape, plague doctor mask, ambient light, standing pose, slight low angle, hood, hood up, black cloak, costume, indoor, roman helmet, cosplay, historical, metal, artificial, eye level, realistic, upper body, winged helmet, portrait, indoors, studio, dark, steel, strong, powerful, cinematic, 1, low angle, muscular, vambraces, blurry, blurry background, hammer, cowboy shot, fantasy art, rusty, web address, robot, no humans, artist name, thorns, roses, flower, rose, vines, plant, gradient background, pink rose, pink flower, mysterious, dramatic lighting, full view, weapon on back, skull, sheathed, undead, skeleton, leaf, beard, facial hair, dark souls, video game, armored figure, brown pants, scarf, dark souls 3, 2, 2boys, bandages, knife, dagger, back, 3/4, signature, cable, holy, crusader, templar, faith, religion, war, protection, dramatic, spotlit, straighton, black background, rope, indoor lighting, slightly from below, from side, profile, renaissance faire, outdoor, crowded, renaissance, faire, natural light, slightly overcast, eyelevel, closeup, red flower, red rose, solo focus, sculpture, roman, bust, bronze, ancient rome, gorget, black hair, artwork, historic artifact, metalwork, museum, display, no people, traditional media, animal focus, fangs, open mouth, spear, reenactment, sunny, tent, field, event, outdoors, bright, shadows, one, adult, male, mask, star wars, mandalorian, bounty hunter, science fiction, scifi, close up

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