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Name: Gotico




Created by: baku (@baku)

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Created at: 2024-05-29T17:57:04.405Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:06:59.166Z

Tags of content: character concept art, fantasy character, warrior, n/a, fantasy, character design, concept art, digital art, mischievous, horned, staff, scythe, tribal, soft light, 1 person, full body, slight low angle, 1boy, solo, male focus, holding, holding scythe, red eyes, grey background, bandages, weapon, grey skin, short hair, mask, standing, bandaged arm, armor, circle, skull, barefoot, looking at viewer, holding weapon, sitting, simple background, character concept, illustration, fashion, none, western, gothic, gunslinger, dark, witch, character, woman, rifle, sword, long coat, hat, design, studio lighting, front view, gun, black hair, 1girl, knife, holding gun, black eyes, white background, belt, brown headwear, closed mouth, blood, medium hair, pouch, dress, capelet, dagger, bullet, bayonet, black footwear, coat, colored skin, plain background, lamp seller, lantern, postapocalyptic, dark fantasy, humanoid, horns, backpack, bag, over shoulder, holding lantern, brown coat, mechanical legs, 1other, holding staff, smoke, torn clothes, indoors studio, man, full shot, hood, gas mask, prosthesis, holding sword, claws, knee pads, pants, cloak, science fiction, hood up, gloves, prosthetic leg, null, axe, muscular, chain, muscular male, abs, topless male, necklace, jewelry, helmet, scar, holding axe, boots, pectorals, tattoo, figure, creature, horror, temple, altar, ruins, ethereal, death, decay, necromancer, sorcerer, ritual, magic, dark magic, high contrast, dramatic, chiaroscuro, hooded figure, skeletal figure, low angle, monochrome, robe, greyscale, arm up, torn, knight, undead, skeleton, evil, macabre, death knight, dark souls, heavy metal, 1, pauldrons, shoulder armor, gauntlets, greaves, breastplate, skull ornament, bird, greatsword, on head, armored boots, crown, animal on head, costume, playing cards, jester, elegant, feathered hat, cape, hat feather, black gloves, signature, card, black headwear, gem, tricorne, monster, grotesque, creature design, bloodborne, dimly lit, lantern light, brown background, lamp, house, from side, executioner, creepy, scary, medieval, dual wielding, ambiguous gender, facing viewer, saw, demon slayer, facial hair, tongue, weapon over shoulder, brown pants, vambraces, beard, tongue out, sheath, field, forest, overgrown, skulls, monster hunter, woman warrior, eldritch, soft, ambient, eye level, wings, grass, tree, outdoors

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