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Name: Texturas




Created by: baku (@baku)

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Created at: 2024-05-29T18:34:29.941Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:03.411Z

Tags of content: sphere, ball, material, texture, 3d, render, matte, shiny, gloss, foil, flesh, caucasian, hard candy, semitranslucent, gummi, translucent, glass, iridescent, pearl, soft light, eye level, no humans, english text, orb, simple background, brown background, shadow, planet, realistic, how to, ext, qrcode, utorial, drawing, illustration, armor, step by step, tutorial, qr code, chinese text, grey background, text focus, white background, 3d rendering, metal, 3d model, game asset, pbr, cardboard, gold, silver, copper, bronze, steel, medieval, studio lighting, front view, arrow \(symbol\), breastplate, artist name, gradient background, helm, helmet, multiple views, portrait, statue, fantasy, art, studio, golden statue, female knight, digital art, fantasy art, soft, warm, woman, knight, closeup, eyelevel, solo, 1girl, upper body, chainmail, shoulder armor, closed mouth, leaf, brown hair, stepbystep, bottle, cork, potion, concept art, gamedev, game art, props, object, still life, light, reflection, glow, 3/4 view, isometric, dated, signature, jar, black background, transparent, red, orange, glowing, gradient, digital lighting, blue background, blood, teeth, transformation, studio background, patina, rust, weathering, history, soft lighting, none, slight topdown view, character, warrior, soldier, man, sword, profile, side view, weapon, holding, holding weapon, holding sword, 1boy, male focus, vambraces, from side, gauntlets, ring, color palette, metallic, color guide, watermark, food focus, web address, education, howto, guide, process, sapphire, gem, jewel, gemstone, sparkle, blue theme, crystal, sketch, magic, water, attack, spell, character design, black hair, pointy ears, dress, boots, high heels, standing, maid, splashing, copyright name, apron, digital painting, design process, prop, fireball, lava rock, fire, flame, rock, chain, cube, ambient light, rim light, warm lighting, smoke, explosive, fashion illustration, clothing, leather, shorts, n/a plain white background, rendering, artificial, likely studio lighting used for the reference photos, judging by the highlights and shadows on the leather., illustrated female figure, slightly below eye level, offering a clear view of the garment details., pants, leather pants, ass, korean text, black pants, tight pants, sitting, shiny clothes, cropped legs, tight clothes, tail, stone, magic crystal, icon, front, purple gemstone, indoors, female warrior, strong women, cosplay, 1, closed eyes, long hair, pauldrons, sheath, plate armor, lips

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