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Name: Dwarf



Tags: dwarf, character, fantasy

Created by: khurzol (@khurzol)

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Created at: 2024-06-02T09:35:49.619Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:02.503Z

Tags of content: dwarf, fantasy, character, beard, shield, armor, character concept, warrior, simple background, concept art, weapon, axe, helmet, bearded, studio lighting, slight low angle, solo, 1boy, male focus, facial hair, gloves, sword, boots, fingerless gloves, full body, over shoulder, blonde, none, gun, cigar, low angle, holding, holding weapon, blonde hair, braid, cape, red cape, holding gun, long hair, smoke, redhair, warcraft, clothes, character portrait, western, blizzard, hearthstone, gunslinger, dramatic, top lit, copyright name, hat, blue eyes, hammer, ring, pointy ears, orange hair, horns, shoulder armor, jewelry, artist name, rock, looking at viewer, chain, dinosaur, animal, creature, white background, rpg, role playing game, pathfinder, character art, barbarian, triceratops, pet, companion, bright, soft lighting, eye level, standing, knife, belt, headpat, petting, sheath, brown footwear, sheathed, brown gloves, brown pants, pants, dragon, half-naked, battle, sky, clouds, mountain, dragon slayer, victory, fight, daylight, natural lighting, high contrast, man, dual wielding, topless male, blood, scar, cloud, muscular, injury, black hair, outdoors, teeth, open mouth, abs, monster, day, painting, snow, gift, celebration, humor, relationship, couple, soft light, woman, knight, 1girl, brown hair, high heels, chainmail, pauldrons, breastplate, greaves, short hair, bow, senshi, poster, n/a, meal, nutritious, food, health, cute, funny, cartoon man, eyelevel, long beard, fake horns, meme, horned helmet, english text, pointing, thick mustache, blush, pointing at viewer, parody, mustache, twitter username, hand on own hip, simple, character design, illustration, holding spoon, spoon, green background, deformed, sandals, black eyes, chibi, drawing, sketch, viking, offering, diffused, one, monochrome, greyscale, holding food, steam, meat, null, front view, v, hand up, arm at side, fantsy, portrait, king, throne, ale, gold, throne room, fantasy art, dwarf king, digital painting, warm, directional, sitting, cup, coin, holding cup, alcohol, beer, mug, battle axe, beer mug, fur trim, chair, forest, ruins, night, medieval, adventure, dnd, storytelling, campfire, ambient light, elder, frontal, fire, tree, watermark, web address, pipe, mountains, sunset, dramatic lighting, bag, backpack, sweater, smoking, old man, magic, lightning, dungeon, tavern, fireplace, firelight, magical glow, electricity, glowing, warriors, vikings, axes, rocky, clash, strength, two, multiple boys, 2boys, muscular male, fighting stance, holding axe, debris, fox, goat, greyhair, furry, friend, nature, grass, dirt, soft, natural, low, old, sheep, closed eyes, dog, white hair, wrinkled skin, wolf, characters fantasy action battle, natural light diffuse light, dwarves warriors, low angle palette: #444a3c #545a45 #636b53 #737c62 #828d70, 4boys, indoor, face, hair, barber, barbershop, haircut, black and white, artificial light, person, closeup, realistic, mohawk, eyepatch, nose-ring, oil painting, tattoo, nose ring, piercing, nose piercing, bald, traditional media, war, warhammer, army, dwarves, marching, battlefield, volcanic, march, sunlight, ground level, 6+boys, polearm, red hair, spear, multiple girls, instrument, flag, barefoot, manly, bracer, action, dark, enclosed space, possibly a dungeon or cave, with a wooden crate as a central element, giant, swords, dark fantasy, shadows, cave, lowkey lighting with a strong red/orange light source coming from above and behind the central figure., one large, muscular man with orange skin and hair, possibly a giant or ogre, surrounded by smaller shadowy figures, looking up at the central figure, creating a sense of power and intimidation., topknot, dougi, naked, bara, male underwear, pectorals, underwear, reference inset, leg hair, thick eyebrows, arm hair, lying, stomach, mature male, thighs, bulge, large pectorals, navel hair, hairy, on side, chest hair, white male underwear, navel, briefs, thick thighs, one eye closed, belly, nipples, plump, elbow rest, looking ahead, strongman waist, underwear only, cartoon, comic, chocolate milk, reward, epic, achievement, subtitled, holding paper, upper body, medical, healing, wound, apothecary, herbalism, interior, stone dwelling, healing magic, herbs, potions, traditional medicine, elder dwarf, candlelight, emanating from the wound, two dwarves, one injured, one healer, side view, on back, indoors, hamer, male, forge, blacksmithing, leather, metal, muscle, strong, artificial, blacksmith, single glove, overalls, headband, red headband, shoulder tattoo

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