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Name: f e e l




Created by: shepbal (@shepbal)

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Created at: 2024-06-03T15:55:41.796Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:05.849Z

Tags of content: drawing, portrait, flowers, nature, plant, growth, sadness, melancholy, soft lighting, boy, man, side view, 1boy, solo, male focus, shirt, flower, white shirt, short sleeves, facing away, simple background, short hair, upper body, from behind, pink flower, t-shirt, brown hair, branch, grey background, leaf, white background, very short hair, petals, illustration, outdoors, birds, spring, beauty, delicate, ethereal, surreal, fantasy, milk carton, japanese text, woman, girl, front view, 1girl, bird, black hair, skirt, blue background, blood, black skirt, signature, juice box, drinking straw, brown shirt, holding, spine, cowboy shot, sunset, anime, sky, clouds, forest, mountains, silhouette, dusk, peaceful, serene, contemplative, teenager, cloud, hood, tree, hoodie, scenery, sun, grey hoodie, hood down, hands in pockets, standing, cloudy sky, pants, couple, sleeping, bedroom, afternoon, sunlight, messy, indoor, love, intimacy, rest, peace, daily life, slice of life, anime art, natural light, sunbeam, soft shadows, two, aerial view, bed, stuffed toy, stuffed animal, lying, indoors, phone, teddy bear, headphones, pillow, bag, slippers, cellphone, messy room, scarf, on bed, on back, barefoot, smartphone, from above, jeans, closed eyes, denim, character, plants, interior, room, cozy, magical, whimsical, shop, botanical, evening, window, light, moon, stars, warm, eyelevel, potted plant, dress, pink dress, long hair, crescent moon, socks, night, hanging plant, profile, yellow flower, bug, butterfly, from side, long sleeves, manga, solitude, relaxation, nighttime, dim, window shade, curtains, on side, shorts, arms up, shade, balcony, table, chair, fan, watering can, laundry, urban, gardening, contemplation, shadows, sitting, blonde hair, cup, shadow, belt, plate, purple flower, tank top, red flower, electric fan, shoes, tattoo, vase, flower pot, full body, undercut, wide shot, carpet, rug, boots, kitchen, cat, crystals, magic, eyelevel palette: #4c6071 #f2e7c1 #dea48c #2f3d4c #92a68c, black cat, stool, food, lamp, fruit, shelf, squatting, bowl, wooden floor, door, crystal, striped clothes, 2boys, multiple boys, paper, pink hair, smile, yaoi, black pants, looking at another, dark skin, orange shorts, dark-skinned male, face-to-face, neck tattoo, red shorts, closed mouth, crossed arms, blush, people standing by a car sunset road trip ocean view, roadside coastline, sunset drive road trip vibes friends adventure scenic view nostalgic serene tranquil, sunset warm soft, three people, looking down a road, motor vehicle, car, jacket, multiple girls, 2girls, road, backpack, power lines, megaman, environment, ceiling light, none, looking into room, no humans, light bulb, english text, border, white border, chandelier, magpie, leaves, berries, taiwan blue magpie, wildlife, avian, art, bright, natural, eye level, animal focus, yellow background, animal, artist name, berry, crow, yellow eyes, beak, cherry, collage, garden, greenhouse, romance, pastel, lgbtq+, soft, closeup, collared shirt, facial hair, limited palette, blue shirt, mature male, tile wall, muscular male, bara, pink theme, friendship, conversation, quiet moment, afternoon light, soft light, warm light, 2 boys, teenagers, white hair, casual, painting, rooftop, city, loneliness, warmth, nostalgic, golden hour, child, pantyhose, dog, pleated skirt, black pantyhose, open clothes, cityscape, looking at animal, railing, open jacket, orange sky, orange theme, monochrome, greyscale, pajamas, under covers, blanket, bed sheet, [romance, relationship, gay, kiss, tenderness], [garden, field, flowers], [yaoi, boys love, bl, fanart, shipping], [soft, backlight, romantic], [man, lovers], [closeup, intimate], hat, straw hat, towel, towel around neck, hand on another's face, tulip, gloves, holding hands, sketch, street, crosswalk, building, togetherness, walk, two men, walking, striped shirt, brown pants, sign, traffic light, sidewalk, 2 people, outside, alley, kurokonobasuke, kuroko tetsuya, kagamichi taiga, winter, blue hair, blue eyes, hair, haircut, scissors, home, diy, hair care, selfcare, isolation, quarantine, pandemic, frustration, boredom, change, transformation, young, frontal, mouth hold, tying hair, hair tie in mouth, medium hair, grey shirt, cutting hair, hairdressing, adjusting hair, looking down, embrace, affection, travel, public transport, train, reflection, train interior, family, tenderness, connection, journey, everyday life, commute, 2, first person view, school uniform, school bag, line art, lavender, hand, solo focus, hair flower, 1other, hair ornament, facing up, fence, person, outdoor, park, rural, backlit, rim light, natural lighting, young man, chain-link fence, hand in pocket, gradient sky, death, serenity, field of flowers, daisies, grave, coffin, 1 person, white flower, grass, flower field, daisy, blue pants, torn clothes, black shirt, on ground, on grass, fan art, catboy, heterochromia, earrings, choker, bandage, glasses, tail, sequins, remote control, backlighting, animal ears, cat ears, jewelry, bandaid, unworn eyewear, cat tail, holding removed eyewear, controller, bandaid on face, ear piercing, cat boy, blurry, on stomach, piercing, bracelet, head rest, backwards hat, torn pants, baseball cap, torn jeans, thick eyebrows, sideburns, twitter username, male, reading, book, laundromat, grunge, likely urban setting, neon, bookworm, reader, neon signs, cool tones, dramatic shadows, low light, 1 male, potentially a teenager or young adult, slightly looking down on the subject, beanie, round eyewear, holding book, open book, black footwear

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