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Name: Faces




Created by: shepbal (@shepbal)

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Created at: 2024-06-03T16:34:35.447Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:06.162Z

Tags of content: character design, character illustration, character concept, portrait, headshot, expression sheet, character exploration, n/a, illustration, sketch, concept art, visual development, visdev, soft light, woman, straight on, 1girl, goggles, brown hair, jewelry, earrings, dark skin, dark-skinned female, multiple views, simple background, ponytail, blue eyes, long hair, hair bun, braid, choker, makeup, white background, cleavage, breasts, goggles on head, scar, cat, pet, redhead, beard, glasses, man, front view, round eyewear, facial hair, male focus, 1boy, animal on shoulder, thick eyebrows, scarf, cropped shoulders, shirt, hair over one eye, smile, mature male, thick beard, medium hair, male character, fantasy, orc, character art, colored skin, multicolored hair, monster boy, pointy ears, green skin, streaked hair, expressions, yellow eyes, tusks, bara, looking to the side, white hair, black hair, looking ahead, two-tone hair, drawing, fanart, none, love, groom, wedding, suit, bowtie, soft, couple, frontal, multiple boys, 2boys, bow, formal, necktie, sparkle, looking at viewer, upper body, mustache, short hair, orange bow, outdoors, forest, jungle, romance, ship, boys love, ambient light, eye level, pink shirt, jacket, brown eyes, looking at another, necklace, parody, purple shirt, short sleeves, stubble, meme, animification, rock, curly hair, cross, character study, digital art, soft lighting, english text, tongue, tongue out, hood, open mouth, artist name, speech bubble, blush, solo, fake screenshot, black eyes, signature, parted lips, emoji, belt, white shirt, fake phone screenshot, fan art, character, indoor, stranger things, tv show, netflix, 80s, horror, scifi, supernatural, 5 boys, closeup, overalls, hat, nosebleed, freckles, reaching, reaching towards viewer, blood, blue overalls, reference inset, baseball cap, brown shirt, red shirt, brown jacket, outstretched arm, messy hair, indoors, playful, affection, humor, relationship, girlfriend, boyfriend, indoor lighting, eyelevel, monochrome, closed eyes, sleeves past wrists, closed mouth, striped clothes, striped shirt, skirt, greyscale, sleeves past fingers, hands up, long sleeves, traditional media, ^_^, sweater, hug from behind, kpop, bts, seokjin, jin, studio lighting, black necktie, star \(symbol\), collared shirt, lips, adjusting necktie, art, ink, face, inktober, natural, beard stubble, mustache stubble, sideburns, harry potter au, characters, group, classroom, desks, daytime, jungkook, jimin, jhope, yoongi, sunlight, shadows, 4 males, school uniform, hogwarts school uniform, 3boys, blonde hair, sitting, robe, yellow necktie, tattoo, hood down, paper, book, disney, facial expressions, animation, front, grin, laughing, retro artstyle, big hero 6, hiro hamada, crossed arms, hoodie, teeth, style parody, surprised, araki hirohiko \(style\), profile, 1990s \(style\), angry, animation art, storyboard, male, side view, bag, backpack, hands in pockets, shorts, hood up, aged down, hooded jacket, child, cartoon, controller, game controller, t-shirt, holding, expression, emotion, girl, santa hat, scar on face, frozen 2, kristoff, stalk in mouth, facial expression, bandaid on nose, bandaid, bandaid on face, fur trim, fur-trimmed headwear, model sheet, emotions, threequarter view, reference sheet, character sheet, character expressions, black and white, flowers, hair, dress, ¾ view, hair flower, flower, hair ornament, own hands together, off shoulder, off-shoulder dress, bare shoulders, collarbone, from side, floral print, artwork, anna, frontview, sideview, clenched teeth, braided ponytail, single braid, head, asymmetry, drawing tips, tutorial, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, cheeks, muscles, grey background, character design sheet, character model sheet, poses, gestures, 3/4 view, food, eating, bags under eyes, brushing teeth, towel, rawing, hirtless, cooking, ndoor, an, men, old, old man, grey hair, thick mustache, apron, comic, plate, yaoi, holding frying pan, frying pan, open clothes, aged up, muscular male, figure drawing, android, deviant, video game, detroit become human, connor, hank anderson, multiple perspectives, cup, grey jacket, pants, holding cup, burger, black pants, beanie, solo focus, full beard, muscular, sideburns stubble, bust, creature, sheep, ram, horns, anthropomorphic, furry, slight low angle, animal ears, furry female, large breasts, purple hair, pink eyes, puffy sleeves, blue hair, fangs, purple eyes, cropped torso, happy, character concept art, headshots, goblincore, fantasy art, tdd (tiny desk demon), goblin, frontal view, yellow sclera, colored sclera, head wreath, sharp teeth, single hair bun, slit pupils, female goblin, person, voice acting, studio, artificial light, 1 man, eye levelpalette: #d4d4d4, #2b2b2b, #9e9e9e, #4a4a4a, #7f7f7f, realistic, chewing gum, bubble blowing, intimacy, tattoos, leather jacket, bandages, caring, tender, warm, two men, arm tattoo, sarashi, underwear, red pants, head out of frame, chest sarashi, gloves, topless male, ring, dressing, undressing another, shoulder tattoo, white male underwear, black gloves, midriff sarashi, male underwear, fingerless gloves, dark-skinned male, painting, black jacket, black shirt, hoop earrings, pencil, overwatch, mercy, art tools in frame, halo, graphite \(medium\), mechanical halo, high ponytail, mechanical pencil, marker \(medium\), mercy (overwatch), knight, warrior, armor, weapon, green eyes, goatee, breastplate, hairstyle, undercut, red eyes, piercing, eyebrow cut, asymmetrical hair, ear piercing, dark, red string of fate, dramatic, spot color, string, black background, facial mark, sketches, line art, tangled, flynn rider, eugene fitzherbert, blank, sketching, princess, rapunzel, absent, varied, very long hair, young woman, collage, boy

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