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Name: My Art lmao

Description: so I can remember what it looks like honestly



Created by: shepbal (@shepbal)

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Created at: 2024-06-03T17:43:47.370Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:06.764Z

Tags of content: comic, humor, food (korean bbq), characters, dialogue, animals (deer, cat), indoor setting, likely a home, dining table, korean bbq, rare meat, food preference, animal ears, deer antlers, catboy, webcomic, digital art, relatable, bright, even lighting, suggests daytime, two characters, one with cat ears and blue hair, the other with deer antlers, slightly elevated, as if viewer is standing near the table, multiple boys, 2boys, hood, hoodie, english text, male focus, 2koma, antlers, horns, food, eating, deer ears, speech bubble, brown hair, chopsticks, heart, holding, black hoodie, table, holding chopsticks, artist name, bowl, pink hoodie, holding fork, sitting, fork, blue background, looking at another, short hair, plate, smile, hood down, long sleeves, meat, grill, steak, fake animal ears, illustration, fanart, portrait, sky, red hair, flower petals, flowing, wind, ethereal, dreamy, kpop, bts, soft light, man, eye level, solo, petals, 1boy, flower, jewelry, necklace, looking to the side, shirt, hair flower, signature, white shirt, upper body, hair ornament, brown eyes, red flower, cloud, closed mouth, fan art, text, minimalistic background, idol, love, confession, valentine, cute, soft, young man, slightly low angle, earrings, finger to mouth, headband, looking at viewer, blue shirt, bandana, 1980s \(style\), fantasy, group portrait, forest, night, dark fantasy, dramatic, mystical, atmospheric, 7 men, mythical creatures (demon, deer), frontal view, wings, 6+boys, black hair, necktie, formal, suit, crossed legs, vest, pink hair, black wings, head rest, tail, collared shirt, black necktie, brothers, hair bun, pants, nature, jacket, facial mark, animal features, cat ears, dark, elegant, throne room, gothic, bts fanart, hybrid au, demon, deer, spotlight, artificial, 7 people, rm, jin, suga, jhope, jimin, v, jungkook, slight low angle, red necktie, chair, feathered wings, hand in pocket, purple hair, black vest, armchair, black pants, 5boys, character, n/a, anime style, expressive eyes, thoughtful expression, warm, 1 male, closeup, blue eyes, black eyes, drawing, angel, simple background, park jimin, soft lighting, 2, slight upview, white footwear, blonde hair, shoes, sneakers, hand on own face, full body, person, face, woman, sketch, charcoal, frontal, traditional media, monochrome, white background, indoors, indoor, jungkook from bts, jimin from bts, unworn eyewear, glasses, pencil, 3boys, art tools in frame, holding removed eyewear, parted lips, marker \(medium\), real life insert, dated, doodle, art, natural lighting, boy, group, eyelevel, cat, graphite \(medium\), hat, beret, pointing, outdoors, field, meadow, bunny, rabbit, ears, clover, tattoo, spring, profile, side view, rabbit ears, leaf, from side, dance, costume, plain background, circle backdrop, cat hybrid, bunny hybrid, dance practice, two men, cat tail, closed eyes, cat boy, kemonomimi mode, white hair, open mouth, red pants, yellow background, blue hair, suspenders, sleeveless, rabbit tail, circle, black footwear, none, singer, musician, v (kim taehyung) of bts, piercing, ear piercing, male, expression, black and white, front view, greyscale, thick eyebrows, procreate, ambient, reference inset, pinching, cheek pinching, cheek pull, multiple views, practice, character design, manga, anime, manhwa, webtoon, slight uptilt, line art, blue theme

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