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Created by: shepbal (@shepbal)

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Created at: 2024-06-04T05:31:08.686Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:07.117Z

Tags of content: man speaking, drama, tv series, closeup, indoor, cafe, waiter, service, responsibility, attentive, caring, soft, warm, young adult male, eyelevel, black hair, shirt, male focus, english text, letterboxed, 1boy, blurry, realistic, blurry background, solo focus, short hair, collared shirt, subtitled, vest, white shirt, bowtie, closed mouth, fake screenshot, black vest, multiple boys, bow, parody, portrait, black eyes, asian, 2boys, looking at another, parted lips, depth of field, lips, man, face, hand, touching, cheek, expression, outdoor, intimacy, tenderness, affection, youth, connection, natural light, soft lighting, two men, closeup shot, pinching, teeth, cheek pinching, photorealistic, upper body, open mouth, cheek pull, blue shirt, photograph, snapshot, inside a vehicle, car, travel, vacation, road trip, summer, friendship, style, sunglasses, daytime, three young men, friends, eye level, car interior, adjusting eyewear, motor vehicle, 1girl, green shirt, sleeveless, sitting, glasses, conversation, compliment, music, concert, classroom, school, indoors, asian drama, bl drama, thai drama, artificial light, fluorescent, overhead light, two young men, teenagers, students, closed eyes, artist name, smile, sunny, young man, confused, thoughtful, daydreaming, floral shirt, backpack, natural lighting, solo, hawaiian shirt, yellow shirt, outdoors, looking down, room, contemplative, serious, artificial, neon, purple, young adult, male, nose, frustration, anger, disgust, upset, two asian men, necklace, jewelry, jacket, clenched teeth, headshot, sad, disappointed, pouty, thai, actor, bright, close up, facial hair, stubble, day, interaction, possibly a classroom or cafeteria, romance, comingofage, school life, cool tones, focused on the subject's face, grin, phone call, bedroom, evening, night, casual, relaxed, home, desk, chair, lamp, picture frame, communication, technology, asian culture, lifestyle, home life, relaxation, lamplight, lowkey, smiling, phone, holding, holding phone, black shirt, cellphone, desk lamp, t-shirt, curtains, smartphone, boy, beach, love, natural, hands, holding hands, couple, relationship, togetherness, future, uncertainty, dim, colored lights, 2, watch, wristwatch, pants, black pants, close-up, profile, two people, closeup palette: #d1c4e9 #ede7f6 #f3e5f5 #ce93d8 #ba68c8, feet, barefoot, toes, out of frame, foot focus, person, teen, athlete, volleyball, sand, sports, sunset, golden hour, two boys, stretching, long sleeves, screenshot, tv show, bl, club, school president, lgbtq+, eye contact, nighttime, talking, determination, motivational quote, talking on phone, promise, handholding, proximity, bar, boyslove, from side, photo, sleeveless shirt, graphic tee, a young man, clothes writing, short sleeves, side profile, pompadour, arm up, food, holding food, eyes, hair, shoulder, arm, party, boys love, colored, happy, youthful, mole, hand up, tank top, looking to the side, men, series, green, stripes, brown hair, ocean, shorts, yellow shorts, water, white tank top, blue shorts, romantic, intimate, duo, fashion, outside, sunny day, vehicle, eyewear hang, unworn eyewear, striped shirt, striped clothes, selfie, field, grass, teenager, overcast, soft light, warm light, eyelevel shot, nature, handsome, stylish, two asian male, parted bangs, tension, child, brown eyes, dorm room, private space, emotional, listening, mood lighting, drawing, reference, comparison, digital, studio, art, fan art, digital art, process, entertainment, television, asian man, reference inset, meme

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