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Name: fashion




Created by: ohsoy (@broxas)

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Created at: 2024-06-04T20:12:26.090Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:08.980Z

Tags of content: fabric, clothes, wrinkles, rendering, clothing, traditional clothing, kimono, hakama, japanese clothing, fashion, male fashion, headless, hand, studio background, japan, japanese, traditional, menswear, illustration, art, soft lighting, frontal, japanese clothes, solo, 1boy, male focus, purple background, head out of frame, sash, long sleeves, simple background, own hands together, wide sleeves, black kimono, obi, artist name, haori, drawing, character design, anime, manga, portrait, fantasy, demon, dark, abstract, demon girl, horns, red hair, sharp teeth, glowing eyes, skull, chains, grunge, edgy, powerful, menacing, dramatic, spotlit, 1 female, closeup, 1girl, virtual youtuber, mouse ears, animal ears, collar, spiked collar, spikes, red eyes, teeth, streaked hair, breasts, multicolored hair, black hair, mouse girl, mask, open mouth, jewelry, hair ornament, dice hair ornament, long hair, cleavage, looking at viewer, earrings, holding, dark persona, white hair, black collar, chain, red background, black gloves, ear piercing, upper body, piercing, gloves, profile, tongue, holding mask, glowing, hakos baelz, clothes , cloth, text, white background, artificial, studio lighting, woman, man, characters, front view, monochrome, greyscale, jacket, necktie, holding jacket, dress, collared shirt, holding clothes, pants, english text, full body, standing, smile, shirt, closed mouth, boots, fur trim, elbow gloves, hair bun, 2girls, multiple girls, unworn jacket, hand up, jacket on shoulders, shoes, short hair, formal, suit, blunt bangs, coat, single hair bun, wavy hair, 2 females, skirt, top, blouse, indoor, store, style, friends, shopping, welllit, 2 girls, eyelevel, twin braids, ahoge, speech bubble, twintails, plaid shirt, hair ribbon, ribbon, hands on another's shoulders, plaid, socks, braid, comic, looking at another, screentones, flower, sidelocks, 3girls, yuri, unmoving pattern, dress shirt, high heels, floral background, hair bow, blush, low twintails, cross-laced footwear, plaid skirt, short sleeves, character, outdoor, sky, sunset, action, adventure, backlighting, low angle, black pants, ring, cloud, capelet, belt, outdoors, cloudy sky, parted lips, black coat, face, expression, person, indoors, blue hair, girl, smiling, cute, vtuber, female, blue eyes, official alternate hair length, official alternate costume, star in eye, symbol in eye, official alternate hairstyle, choker, star \(symbol\), hair between eyes, green ribbon, neck ribbon, black choker, lace choker, lace, plant, window, off shoulder, hoshimachi suisei, [illustration, digital art], [fantasy], [anime, maid outfit, weapon, halberd, blue hair], [studio lighting], [1 girl], [frontal view], see-through, see-through sleeves, black dress, fingerless gloves, pantyhose, apron, grey apron, maid, staff, single braid, black footwear, frills, medium hair, holding weapon, cartoon, soft, closed eyes, polearm, hat, facing viewer, hairclip, black headwear, 1 person, anime girl, white dress, black and white, vtuber outfit, artificial lighting, front lighting, young adult, eye level, double-breasted, alternate costume, buttons, black pantyhose, feet out of frame, asymmetrical hair, bow, star earrings, digital art, casino, gambling, virtual, nightlife, casino aesthetic, neon lights, digital illustration, stylish, glamorous, seductive, neon, pink, young woman, dynamic, side slit, fishnets, red dress, bracelet, necklace, red gloves, fishnet thighhighs, thighhighs, ponytail, makeup, red lips, bare shoulders, lipstick, sleeveless, red theme, sleeveless dress, thigh strap, mirror selfie, kilt, vest, clothing store, changing room, alternative, unique, mirror, reflection, bright, fluorescent, phone, cellphone, holding phone, brown hair, selfie, cabbie hat, black jacket, bag, smartphone, black socks, walking, footwear, leather, brown, brogues, oxford, studio, men's shoes, dress shoes, formal shoes, elegant, classic, business casual, none, side view, slightly angled up, no humans, brown footwear, still life, realistic, foot focus, building, snow, town, video game, snowy, village, cold, monster hunter world, iceborne, seliana, gathering hub, armor, overcast, ambient, one, thirdperson, scenery, tree, stairs, snowing, barrel, motor vehicle, animal, day, shield, heads-up display, winter, video game screenshot, snowy village, monster hunter world iceborne, seliana gathering hub, mountains, warm, hunter, third person, architecture, east asian architecture, sword, gameplay mechanics, bird, full shot, men's fashion, summer outfit, casual wear, breathable fabric, linen pants, cropped pants, comfortable clothing, stylish pants, streetwear, modern fashion, fashion photography, grey pants, white sneakers, minimalistic outfit, white footwear, white shirt, sneakers, out of frame, letterboxed, from side, arrow \(symbol\), school uniform, red jacket, pleated skirt, hand on own hip, armband, black ribbon, black skirt, cowboy shot, blazer, fashion illustration, handbag, very long hair, holding bag, puffy sleeves, puffy long sleeves, hand in own hair, adjusting hair, lolita fashion, n/a, gothic lolita, umbrella, ribbons, ruffles, heart motif, purple eyes, holding umbrella, black bow, blonde hair, parasol, lolita hairband, frilled dress, hairband, figure, flowers, daisy, loafers, soft light, squatting, grey jacket, white socks, white flower, holding flower, grey skirt, border, brooch, solo focus, group, video game character, hair, pose, 5, 5girls, zettai ryouiki, sketch, romance, manhwa, webtoon, love, shoujo, couple, green eyes, cross, hetero

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