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Name: CUTE




Created by: (@crisink)

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Created at: 2024-06-09T03:45:39.499Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T19:07:13.502Z

Tags of content: character, musc, manga, drawing, 70s fashion, chunky sneakers, streetwear, anime girl, colorful, digital art, woman, side view, 1girl, solo, shoes, sneakers, bandaid, double bun, sitting, long sleeves, hair bun, white background, jacket, white socks, full body, socks, sidelocks, simple background, looking at viewer, shorts, blunt bangs, white jacket, bandaid on face, bandaid on leg, hand up, nike \(company\), ribbed socks, multicolored hair, orange hair, glasses, bandaid on nose, knees up, bandaid on knee, holding, zipper pull tab, long hair, blue hair, round eyewear, open mouth, black hair, zipper, aqua shorts, half-closed eyes, girl, dress, umbrella, leaf, plant, rain, grass, outdoors, field, fantasy, whimsical, nature, cute, soft lighting, eye level, blonde hair, leaf umbrella, holding leaf, puffy sleeves, standing, braid, forehead mark, short hair, smile, closed mouth, blue eyes, green eyes, character concept art, cartoon character, brown, green, black, white, bear, robot, futuristic, fashion, cool, playful, 1 person, front view, midriff, choker, navel, sunglasses, eyewear on head, pants, crop top, off shoulder, pantyhose, bare shoulders, earrings, sketch, jewelry, coat, drawing illustration fashion character design, n/a, artificial, four individuals, slightly above, multiple boys, green hair, dark skin, backpack, baseball cap, dreadlocks, dark-skinned male, hat, multiple girls, hood, 3boys, animal ears, facial mark, fake animal ears, 1 girl, 3d, pink background, pink, stylish, studio lighting, full shot, skirt, very long hair, hoodie, pointy ears, sleeves past fingers, pink skirt, sleeves past wrists, wings, blue socks, miniskirt, walking, bright, close up, visor cap, tongue, brown hair, twintails, black pantyhose, stroking own chin, hand on own chin, yellow shorts, tongue out, raglan sleeves, yellow background, pantyhose under shorts, +_+, shirt, wristwatch, bow, leaning forward, breasts, pink bow, watch, hand on own hip, doughnut hair bun, short shorts, sparkling eyes, rosa (pokemon)

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