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Created by: Monkwhy (@monkwhy)

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Created at: 2024-06-18T00:45:17.843Z

Updated at: 2024-07-09T22:09:11.741Z

Tags of content: none, red, yellow, black, white, stripes, vertical, pattern, no humans, solo, striped background, colorful, parody, multicolored background, abstract, screen, magenta, pink, graphic, design, background, art, vertical lines, vertical stripes, stripe pattern, window, indoors, orange, blue, brown, bright, blue background, flat color, flower, circle, dot, purple, green, pink flower, two-tone background, animal, indoor, artificial, no, close up, pokemon \(creature\), watermark, green eyes, web address, action, tradition, culture, celebration, festival, warehouse, stage, lion dance, chinese new year, performance, acrobatic, overhead, man, performers, audience, low angle, afro, 6+boys, multiple boys, hat, solo focus, male focus, dance, outdoor, sunny, costume, vibrant, festive, chinese culture, natural light, crowd, eye level, photo background, extra eyes, outdoors, tree, open mouth, blurry, standing, realistic, gymnasium, spectators, indoor lighting, lion dancers, eyelevel, acrobatics, fluorescent, audience view, performer, 10+, cape, chinese lion, asian culture, spotlights, ceiling light, drawing, blossom, floral, cute, nature, spring, plant, front, still life, simple background, white background, sparkle, gem, transparent background, fabric, textile, cloth, rose red, material, texture, english text, pink theme, red theme, sequin, sequins, shiny, sparkly, glitter, fashion, glamour, party, event, decoration, purple theme, scenery, from above, group photo, cultural event, temple, stairs, martial arts, kung fu, traditional clothing, daylight, natural lighting, group of people, men, women, children, multiple girls, own hands together, praying, black hair, dougi, asian, statue, orange fabric, orange textile, textile material, top view, close-up, pants, orange theme, 1boy, fur, furry, soft, sewing, craft, blue theme, red background, red eyes, cover, abric, ndoors, rtificial, one, op down, orange background, blue sky, sky, day, clear sky, black eyes, dated, traditional media, woman, lion dance costume, studio, studio lighting, 1girl, long hair, hands on own hips, dress, brown hair, sandals, white dress, breasts, jewelry, full body, cleavage, necklace, grey background, looking at viewer, chart, color wheel, color, hue, saturation, brightness, primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, complementary colors, analogous colors, triadic colors, round image, sun, rainbow, calendar \(medium\), [], gold, top down, cover page, fuchsia, fluffy, closeup, detail, luxurious, cozy, soft light, purple background, lion, fur coat, pink coat, coat, chair, feather boa, sitting, sunglasses, table, street, blonde hair, teeth, pink background, doujin cover

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